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Addison Magazine Features Remote Video Surveillance by Stealth Monitoring

Mar 7, 2010

From Addison Magazine

If you are a business owner and would like to take it up another notch, there is still yet another step you can take in securing your business.

Rick Charney is the sales manager at Stealth Monitoring, a company that proactively watches security cameras in real-time when businesses are closed. They also install security quipment such as cameras, access control, intrusion detection, gates/fences and remote/mobile applications.

Live remote video monitoring is not a service that has always been offered. Charney says it’s one that has developed because of a growing need for surveillance that sees the incident coming, rather than reacting to it.

“Millions of dollars are spent each year by businesses installing CCTV cameras, but over 90 percent of all those cameras are just recording to a DVR and used for after-the-fact evidence,” he said. “We asked, ‘Why wasn’t anyone watching these cameras?’ Stealth combined advanced technology and experienced IT professionals to build a stateof-the-art control center that now proactively watches hundreds of customers and thousands of unique surveillance cameras.”

Charney says a huge benefit of live monitoring is that it allows their trained operators to inform law enforcement and the business owners of unusual activity when the facility is closed. He says their company provides peace of mind, letting their clients rest assured that they are watching and protecting their assets.

“Investing in security cameras over traditional burglar alarms is part of the solution, but having someone watch those cameras is what actually catches unwanted activity in the act,” Charney said. “Police experience a 98 percent false alarm rate with burglar alarms, so the police department makes our video verified dispatches a higher priority with response times of approximately 3-8 minutes.