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Why and How Often Should You Update Your Security Strategy?

What’s in your company’s physical security strategy? How often do you review it to ensure it’s current? Has your security strategy been updated in the…

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Flood Safety and Security for Commercial Properties

Heavy rains recently pounded south Texas, causing disastrous flooding and damage. As a result, Governor Greg Abbott issued a federal disaster declaration for Hidalgo and…

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How Video Surveillance Can Help with Security Guard Shortages

One of the side effects of the crisis is the staffing shortage. This includes security guard shortages. Yes, even more than two years after the…

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How to Prepare and Protect Your Property for a Natural Disaster

Unfortunately, it’s not your imagination. Natural disasters are happening more frequently. And they’re causing a lot of property damage. In 2021, there were 20 events…

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Why It’s So Critical Secure the Energy Sector and How to Do It

The energy grid must be designed, managed, and protected with security and resiliency in mind. When the energy sector takes the approach of resiliency, it…

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