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Stealth Monitoring and Sony form a Strategic Partnership

Sep 23, 2009

Sony is forming a strategic marketing relationship with Stealth Monitoring, Inc., a Dallas-based surveillance system integrator and service provider. As part of the arrangement, Stealth Monitoring will recommend that its IP clients standardize to Sony IP-based security solutions. In turn, Sony will promote Stealth Monitoring’s services, which include live-monitoring capabilities, an emerging approach to security that allows organizations to outsource the service of monitoring live video data using IP based security systems.

According to Stealth Monitoring, the company offers its clients a managed services approach, which represents a fundamentally different way to package and manage surveillance services. Traditional remote security monitoring firms require clients to build their own security solution and then respond only to alarm events such as security incidents triggered by motion detection, broken glass or other intrusions. Stealth’s comprehensive approach to security includes both remote live-monitoring and fast entry to advanced IP network security solutions using Sony’s line up of IP-based security products.

“This is a sharp contrast to conventional approaches that essentially require companies and large organizations to go into the security business themselves,” said Norm Charney, president of Stealth Monitoring. “By contracting with Stealth Monitoring, clients can essentially skip past the customary capital and personnel expenditures needed to build a traditional infrastructure to support a security system, including the need to contract with both a systems integrator and then a service provider that manages a full-time security staff. In contrast, Stealth Monitoring’s approach starts by simply asking the clients about the services they require, and then uses that information to bundle together an end-to-end security solution for each customer that includes both live monitoring from Steatlh’s remote headquarters, as well as hardware such as IP cameras, network video recorders and video monitoring software.”

According to Stealth, the company plans to target both large and small businesses as well as cities and municipalities that can benefit from Stealth Monitoring’s managed service approach. To date, Stealth Monitoring’s live-monitoring clients include large corporations, auto dealers, schools, manufacturers, construction sites, large retailers and many more.

Charney also noted that he chose Sony’s IP-based network security approach due to the system’s ability to efficiently transmit and store data on a secure network. Using IP solutions, the company can monitor live video feeds from dozens of clients on a remote server from the LCD monitors installed at Stealth’s command center in Dallas.