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Stealth Monitoring Now Watches 8,000 Video Cameras, Caught 22 Criminals in April

May 31, 2016

DALLAS, TX USA – May 31, 2016 – Stealth Monitoring announced that it now watches 8,000 video cameras every night. In April Stealth saw and reported over 1,400 incidents, called to dispatch police 250 times, and led to the arrests of 22 people. Stealth has clients in the US from coast to coast that range from enterprise customers with dozens of sites to single location businesses.

In recent Stealth news Stealth Monitoring President David Charney was interviewed in the How Big Data & Fiber Can Transform your Business podcast. The broadcast shares how Stealth conquered the technical challenge to build a video surveillance monitoring network and manage terabytes of video security data.

Stealth featured the following crime arrest videos.

  • Auto Dealer Thieves Lose Hide and Seek With Police. These criminals weren’t taking any chances. They wore black masks so they couldn’t be identified. They carried a sledgehammer. Neither helped because Stealth was watching live. They tried to escape three police officers on foot. But Stealth kept police apprised of their location. Police stopped the suspects’ car before they could leave the dealership.
  • Thief Ignores Warning, Brings Posse and Is Arrested. This thief hears a speaker tell him that he’s being watched and police have been called. So he does the smart thing and drives away. But he not only returns mere minutes later, he also brings his criminal posse with crowbars … while the police are on the way. The police make an easy arrest.
  • Police Arrest Apartment Clubhouse Gunman. The sign in this lounge states ‘live video surveillance’. In addition there are video cameras in the lounge, fitness center, and outside. This individual chose to ignore the sign and cameras and brought out his gun. Unlike other security companies, we don’t just install cameras. We really ARE watching. The gunman was arrested.

About Stealth Monitoring

Stealth Monitoring, Inc. (StealthMonitoring.com) is a family run business and was founded in 2006 in Dallas, Texas. Stealth remote live video surveillance watches 8,000 video cameras providing cost-effective protection that can detect and deter crime, even reduce security guard expenses. Stealth proactive video monitoring can significantly improve security at shopping centers, pharmacies, apartment communities, warehouses, office buildings, industrial facilities, auto dealerships, and other commercial real estate properties and businesses.

Please contact Stealth today for more information to protect your property. Visit our web site to see additional videos of criminals being apprehended at a range of commercial businesses such as pharmacies, shopping centers, car dealerships, industrial properties, and multifamily apartment complexes.