Stealth Monitoring Welcomes Jim Hughes of the North Texas Crime Commission

August 5, 2015

Stealth Monitoring is pleased to announce its association with Jim Hughes to bring its industry-leading live video monitoring solution to commercial real estate properties throughout Texas.

Mr. Hughes is a Board Member of the North Texas Crime Commission. The Commission (formerly the Greater Dallas Crime Commission) was established in 1950. The NTCC believes proper enforcement and enlightened prevention can be achieved through a comprehensive and cooperative effort involving concerned citizens and law enforcement. The group provides a forum for the exchange of information between local law enforcement and federal agencies such as the F.B.I., D.E.A. and the U.S. Marshals service.

Jim retired from the Dallas Police Department after 32 years of service. He was Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration Narcotics Task Force at DFW Airport for 15 years, and Developed the "Airline Ticket Profile" used to profile narcotics couriers by the way they purchased their airline tickets. The Ticket Profile is responsible for the seizure of over $43M in narcotics related currency, 1 ton of cocaine, 200 lbs of methamphetamine, and 8 tons of marijuana.

He participated on the Vice President Al Gore Commission on Airport Safety and Security that provided the FAA with the ticket profile to profile terrorists. His expertise is currently being used by the TSA Capps System. James has assisted in developing the Operation Jetway Training Program for the DEA. He personally trained over 9,000 DEA, FBI, Customs, state and local officers, and agents throughout the world.

Jim is the Co-founder of the International Narcotic Interdiction Association, a Guest speaker on Methods of Concealment on Aircraft at the AVSEC Conference in Cairo, Egypt hosted by Airports Council International, and the Director of Security for Legend Airlines. He authored the FAA-approved Legend Airlines Security Manual. He has provided security training to pilots and flight attendants and is responsible for Legend Airlines Terminal security and staff.

Jim decided to research technology that is being used by police departments and commercial businesses to reduce and deter crime. As a Board Member of the North Texas Crime Commission, he formed the Cargo Theft Committee with participation from local area law enforcement, industry security directors and the National Insurance Crime Bureau. He also met with loss prevention managers and security directors from several commercial insurance providers.

During this time he met Stealth Monitoring, which installs security cameras and provides live video monitoring. Stealth proactively monitors cameras with trained operators, some of who are retired police officers, who look for unusual activities. Although the service will never stop all crimes, it does go further than event-based monitoring to mitigate losses and reduce crime. Stealth reports live crimes in-progress and so police typically respond much quicker than to alarms.

Jim has a special interest in helping insurance companies both reduce crime and reduce losses by teaming with technology and managed service providers. Read about his work in Achieving Reduced Losses in the Insurance Industry.