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Arrest of Armed Intoxicated Man in Office Parking Garage

Posted by Eric Nauta on Oct 22, 2021

In this month’s video, a Stealth Monitoring operator used the onsite speaker warning several times to try to deter an individual from a parking structure. The individual seemed to be dancing and acting erratic. At one point, it looked like the individual pulled out a gun.

When the onsite speaker warning didn’t deter the individual and no security guard was available, our operator contacted police who arrived on-scene and arrested the individual.

After dark, a perceptive Stealth Monitoring security operator saw an individual just inside the exit of a parking structure acting erratic. The operator activated the onsite speaker warning several times, but it was ignored.

The individual twirled and threw himself off balance. He fell to the ground and dropped two items, but quickly stood back up and continued his erratic behavior, all the way outside of the parking structure.

Our operator saw the same individual enter the parking structure, pulling a wheeled, black suitcase behind him. He walked over to the two items he had previously dropped and retrieved them. He then exited once again. Moments later, our operator saw him inside the parking structure one more time. It looked as if he pulled a gun from his vest pocket as he paced.

Three police officers arrived and apprehended the individual. Another officer walked over to help while two police cruisers and more officers arrived. One of the officers placed the individual into a police cruiser while another officer confiscated the suitcase and rifled through it.

Help Keep Your Parking Garage and Its Valuable Assets Safe with Live Video Monitoring

Many commercial properties – such as office buildings and parking structures – rely on recorded video data and/or security guards when a crime or other unwanted events occur on their premises. Unfortunately, both of these security solutions come with limitations.

Previously recorded video data may produce retrospective evidence. This data is great to have in case of a liability concern to see what actually took place. However, it does nothing to stop an in-progress crime or event.

The video above demonstrates a limitation of security guards. After our security operator sounded the onsite warning multiple times, the next step was to contact the property’s security guards. Our operator discovered all guards to be unavailable during the time in which an erratically acting individual seemed to reveal a gun from within his vest pocket.

Because this property had partnered with Stealth, our security operator, who had used advanced video analytics to watch the situation as it progressed, was able to contact police. This is our biggest differentiator – advanced video analytics combined with human intelligence.

Stealth’s customized video surveillance solutions for commercial properties work in real time to catch events as they happen. Tools such as on-site warnings and on-screen protocols help our operators – who are highly trained on what to look for on the screen – to make the best decisions.

For example, to the lay viewer of the above video, it probably appeared a bit comical to watch the individual dance around. Our operator, however, knew and understood that an individual acting in these sorts could be intoxicated or mentally disturbed, and could cause harm to property or other people. So, when the on-site warning didn’t deter this individual’s behavior and security guards were nowhere to be found, our operator contacted police. This resulted in successfully thwarting this individual’s behavior and removing him from the property.

Contact us to discover how our customized commercial live video monitoring solutions can provide proactive security at a 25-60% more cost-effective price point than traditional security solutions.