Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Multi-Family Residential Industry

Posted by Blake Mitchell on January 7, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI). It’s what makes it possible for machines to perform human-like tasks. AI utilizes technologies to program and train computers to process large amounts of data and then recognize the patterns of the data. If you’ve ever used Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, then you’re familiar with AI technology.

Every industry has a need for AI capabilities, from transportation and retail to health care and manufacturing, and yes, even multi-family residential. Just how will it impact your property? Here are a few ways from a recent article by Multifamily Executive Intel:

Automated Property Management
“Alexa. Pay my rent.” AI is making it possible for your residents to perform many tasks like reporting maintenance issues, managing bills and even paying rent right from their couch.

Maintenance issues won’t just be easier for your tenants. With AI, technology will be able to predict when equipment will break down and can suggest proactive maintenance tasks.

Answering Phone Calls
With AI, you will never miss another call when your leasing agents are away. There are services available that provide an automated, conversational assistant to answer the phone, respond to questions, take down information and set up appointments.

Targeted Marketing
Advancements in technology have made it easier to drill even further into email marketing lists and online ads. By capturing and analyzing data about the people who click on certain ads, AI can send your ads and emails to the people who specifically fit within your target.

Enhanced Security
Many multi-family residential properties rely on security guards or mobile patrols to help keep tenants, visitors and valuable assets safe. However, there is a less-expensive, more effective solution. Live remote video surveillance takes a proactive approach to security. Using a combination of human intelligence and video analytics, Stealth Monitoring watches for and evaluates suspicious activity in real time to help deter criminals before they break in or do damage, for up to 60% less than the cost of an on-site guard.

Video analytics automatically filters video and detects specific activities without human intervention. If a defined event is detected, a trained security operator is notified. The analytics can be customized to solve your unique business problems.

There’s no doubt that artificial Intelligence is quickly changing the landscape of the multi-family residential industry to create smarter, more efficient and safer communities.

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