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Warning speaker drives away hooded criminals with crowbar

Posted by David Charney on Feb 23, 2017

Catch of the Month Newsletter: Warning speaker drives away hooded criminals with crowbar

These would-be thieves hide behind a Dallas, Texas shopping center transformer, thinking they’re safe. They missed the security camera with live video monitoring directly overhead.

Watch the Video:

After midnight two trespassers wearing hoodies carefully walk behind a shopping center store. One has a crowbar. He checks the area and signals to the other that they’re safe. They hide behind a transformer.

Stealth Monitoring live video surveillance offers two layers of protection. We call the police when we see suspicious behavior. We also can activate warning speakers that can result in would-be thieves fleeing before they break in and cause property damage and loss.

Stealth activates the warning speaker and calls the police. One of the would-be criminals starts to climb a pipe to get on the roof. He slips down. He tries again. The man successfully makes it to the top but then quickly climbs down.

Criminals typically hang out in locations not visible to regular vehicle and foot traffic at auto dealerships, offices parks, shopping centers, warehouses, construction sites, and other retail, industrial, and commercial real estate. It’s a perfect cover for loitering, drug use, and property, vehicle, store, and building break-ins and theft. These trouble spots are prime locations for live security cameras, which can be placed at back alleys, roofs, parking lots and garages, loading docks, common areas, and storefronts.

The trespassers run away before they can be caught. The police arrive and check the shopping center property to ensure no damage has been done.

Tampa, Florida Businesses Aren’t Watching Their Cameras and Suffer Expensive Losses

A smash and grab robbery took place at 2:45am. The four smash and grab suspects ran down several aisles while they carried trash bags filled with electronics. The thieves fled the scene in a stolen BMW, almost hitting a police deputy. The getaway vehicle was abandoned at an Orlando multifamily apartment complex. Authorities believed that the juveniles could be involved in a teen Florida crime ring.

Another Florida crime was a bank robbery in a Tampa suburb. The armed suspects arrived at a bank in a four door Lexus IS. Surveillance video showed the suspects exit through the front door, jump a fence, and drive away in the getaway vehicle. The suspects were in disguise.

In these incidents and others in the articles, the businesses had surveillance cameras and videos. But they weren’t watched live and so police could not be called while the crimes were in progress.

Is Your Self Storage Business Secure?

Self-storage facilities give thieves a high number of potential targets in a relatively small physical area. 9% of American households rent over 54,000 self-storage units, so self-storage security facility techniques are important. They can include installing lights, adding more complex locks, and installing a proactive security solution.

The first breach in self-storage security usually involves the outer gate, because the outer gate can easily be overcome by thieves. Thieves can jump over the security gate, smash the gate, cut a lock, or simply follow a self-storage unit owner.

Stealth Monitoring and UCIT Online are the leader in live video surveillance in the U.S. and Canada with over 400 employees, 11 offices, and 3 live video monitoring control centers. Stealth proactive video monitoring watches over 17,000 IP and CCTV security cameras. Our security solutions feature advanced technology and can detect and deter crime while reducing security guard and other expenses. Stealth’s remote monitoring service can reduce or even replace security guards at a fraction of the cost. A remote surveillance operator can see suspicious activity, activate a speaker warning, and call the local police.

Please call toll-free (866) 382-3873 or contact Stealth today for more information to protect your outdoor assets. Visit the Stealth web site to see real videos of criminals being arrested at construction sites, multifamily apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses, auto dealerships, and other commercial real estate properties.