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ATM Heist Thwarted by Stealth, Featured on NBC News

Posted by Amy Hite on Jul 10, 2015

Your Monthly Dispatch Video: ATM Heist Thwarted, Featured on NBC News.

ATMs with thousands of dollars of hard cash are being ripped out of buildings nationwide and stolen in minutes. Our Catch of the Month video – featured on NBC News – shows one shopping center that deterred an ATM theft and sent thieves running.

Watch at: Catch of the Month

A wave of criminal activity has spread across the US as thieves have perfected the Smash and Grab approach to ATM theft. They use trucks to literally rip the machines out of building walls and tow them away in mere minutes. Watch an actual attempt observed live by Stealth cameras. A sign says Video Recording in Progress. These thieves didn’t take it seriously. But they did when we sounded a warning.

NBC News Feature Video

NBC DFW Channel 5 featured the incident and Stealth Monitoring in a story on the rise of ATM Thefts. See the video including an interview with Stealth CEO Norm Charney, at Dallas Police Investigate 48th 2015 Attempted ATM Theft

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