Construction Security: Trespassers Can Run, But They Can’t Hide from Stealth.

Posted by Kirk Biddle on August 20, 2019

Trespassing can be a gateway to vandalism, theft, and loitering. Construction sites sometimes end up with crane climbers. A trespasser who gets hurt on your property could sue your company and hold you liable.

In this month’s video, two construction site trespassers tried to outrun police.

Two individuals walked into a construction site after hours when no one was around. Our trained Stealth security operator immediately activated the on-site speaker, which was ignored. The operator contacted police. When responding officers walked into the site, the suspects tried to run. They were stopped in their tracks and taken away in handcuffs.

Stealth’s live video monitoring helps construction sites manage risk and mitigate liability. Our proactive solutions provide many benefits including advanced perimeter protection, video evidence and reports to verify on-site incidents, real-time information to help enforce safety regulations and a reduction in security guard and property damage costs.

For more information about our proactive security solution for construction sites, contact us.

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