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Why You Need Time-Lapse Cameras on Construction Sites

Have you ever watched a time-lapse camera? How about a video that’s a collection of clips from a time-lapse camera? Audiences find them both captivating….

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Are You Ready for the 2022 Southeast Building Conference?

Our construction security team is getting ready for the 2022 Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) in Kissimmee, Florida. You can find them at Booth 1606 at…

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We’re Preparing for Houston Build Expo!

It’s just about time for Houston Build Expo. Stealth’s construction security team is gearing up for a great event. Schedule a time to meet with…

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What Does the Rising Cost of Construction Materials Mean for the Industry?

The construction industry has been fortunate that it hasn’t been affected by the pandemic as much as in other industries. Construction employment and new construction…

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Should You Get Construction Software for Asset Tracking?

One of the construction industry’s biggest challenges is finding qualified workers. The Q1 2020 Commercial Construction Index shows that nearly all contractors have at least…

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