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Construction Site Trespasser Attempts to Hide from Police

Posted by Arun Mankotia on Oct 11, 2021

The allure of active construction sites – especially after dark, when all is still and quiet – can be too strong for some individuals to pass on. With high-powered, commercial-grade equipment; valuable items that can be stolen and resold for top dollar, such as lumber and the curiosity of what’s inside empty buildings under construction can be temptations. When trespassers think no one is watching, though, Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution proves them wrong.

After dark, a highly qualified Stealth Monitoring security operator saw an individual walking into camera view on an active construction site. The individual proceeded toward a building under construction.

It was suspicious because the individual remained out of camera view and our operator did not know what activities the individual was engaged in. So, our operator contacted police and succinctly communicated the suspect’s last known location on the construction site.

Two police cruisers arrived on-scene. Officers exited their vehicles and three officers, led by a canine officer, swiftly walked through the site. The authoritative group headed toward the building under construction and caught the suspect walking out and ducking behind a large item covered in plastic.

Police apprehended the suspect as two more officers arrived on scene. Two officers led the hand-cuffed suspect off-site.

There’s No Where to Hide with Remote Video Monitoring

Stealth Monitoring’s security solution for construction sites provides a unique use of advanced video analytics, video surveillance and human intelligence to watch construction sites in real time. When workers and other authorized people are not there, our highly trained operators are, watching and ready to help take action to help deter undesired incidents.

Our customized security solutions for construction sites deploy high-definition, video surveillance cameras on your site. The number of cameras depends on factors that our team of construction specialists can help determine based on your security needs and wanted outcomes.

Each camera is pre-programmed with advanced video analytics. Technology, without human involvement, filters through video streams and detects certain activities. When the technology identifies a questionable activity, it may alert a highly trained Stealth monitoring operator. Our operator takes over to analyze the activity and determine what action(s) to take to deter the activity.

As shown in the above video, our technology makes it virtually impossible for suspects to hide as our cameras see and capture all. Had the police not been able to locate the suspect attempting to hide behind a plastic tarp-covered object, our operator potentially would have been able to guide police to his whereabouts by interpreting our video analytics and communicating this knowledge to police.

Contact us to take your construction site security to the next level by incorporating advanced video analytics and human intervention. It’s all backed by Stealth, North America’s leading provider of live video monitoring solutions, for up to 60% less than the cost of traditional security measures.