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Brazen Thieves Attempt to Steal Construction Materials

In this video, two people approached the fence line of a construction site well after hours.

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Loitering on Construction Site Leads to Arrest

Three individuals approached an opened gate of a construction site and entered.

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Construction Crane Climbing Duo Arrested

On a Sunday night after dark, two individuals were seen by a Stealth Monitoring security professional climbing over the fence around a construction site.

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Construction Site Trespasser Attempts to Hide from Police

After dark, a highly qualified Stealth Monitoring security operator saw an individual walking into camera view on an active construction site.

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Trespasser Slips Through a Gap in Construction Site Perimeter Fencing

In this video, a Stealth Monitoring security operator was monitoring an analytics-based surveillance camera and saw an individual approach the gate of a construction site in Hamilton, Ontario.

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