Construction Trespasser Arrested after Wandering Around Site After-Hours

Posted by Ryan Palmer on March 22, 2022

It can happen in a matter of moments. One minute your active construction site is calm and still in the dark after-hours of night. The next a trespasser could be sauntering around on your property. And, typically, this does not come without some type of issues – theft, vandalism, liability claims.

Our proactive remote video security solution is highlighted in this video. It shows how analytics-based cameras detected a trespasser on an active construction site in the early morning hours and how our quick-thinking monitoring operator acted to help stop the trespasser.

Around 3:48 a.m., a highly trained Stealth monitoring operator saw an individual roaming around an active construction site. Our operator contacted police dispatch and described the suspect: a male individual wearing a dark-colored hoodie, pants and white shoes with a black backpack.

Our operator kept watch on the in-progress situation. The trespasser continued to wander around. He walked throughout the site, entering and exiting multiple buildings under construction.

Minutes later, three officers plus a canine officer arrived and rushed on site. They located the suspect who quickly laid on the ground while two officers placed him in handcuffs. Officers searched the suspect and appeared to place found items into a clear plastic bag before guiding him off the property.

Seemingly Harmless Act Deterred with Remote Video Monitoring

Trespassing can seem harmless, even on a construction site. Afterall, it’s just a person or group of people typically walking around. While walking is not criminal in and of itself, the location in which the walking occurs is the issue.

Particularly with construction sites, projects are always in progress. This means the potential for tools and equipment to be exposed to “hungry eyes” walking by your site searching for valuables to steal or vandalize. It also means a changing landscape throughout your site. What was a level walking surface one day may the next be a ditch dug out to run cabling, for example. If a trespasser falls into this ditch and sustains injury, you could be held liable. Additionally, uninvited people simply walking around your site could also sustain some type of injury and yes, you could be held liable for this, too.

Even with perimeter fencing installed, posted warning signs and other required safety and security measures in place, liability could still fall on the construction company. Fake injuries and false claims plague insurance companies and courts. If your company has no way of proving an injury is fake or a claim is false, then the recourse is usually not in favor of the company.

Stealth’s remote video surveillance solution can help. With our analytics-based cameras, the technology can detect certain activities from live video feeds in real time. When an activity is detected that could potentially be harmful, the technology alerts a trained Stealth security operator who gets human eyes on the activity to analyze and act in the moment. Our operators can activate on-site speaker warnings, contact on-call employees, and call police dispatch to report an incident in progress which usually results in officers arriving on your site within minutes while the activity is still in progress.

Our solution also records and archives activities. Our team of video specialists can extract activity taking place on your site down to the second and send to you along with a professionally written report of the activity. The video and document can be submitted to insurance companies and courts as visual and written proof of the incident in question. This is included in the price of your Stealth security solution; it never costs extra.

Contact our construction security specialists for more information about our proactive remote video surveillance security solution and how it could save up to 60% of the cost of traditional security measures – and is more effective, too!

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