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Couple Arrested for Drug Use in Laundry Room

Posted by Shawna Ivy on Oct 15, 2021

In this month’s video, Stealth Monitoring caught two individuals using a multifamily community’s laundry room as their place of choice to use drugs.

A trained Stealth Monitoring operator noticed an individual open the door leading into a multifamily residential community’s laundry facility. Two individuals – a male and female – entered the laundry facility and proceeded to a countertop.

The female placed her purse on the counter and removed some paraphernalia. The male walked over beside the female and took a drink of some type of beverage from a can. Our operator contacted police.

The couple continued to interact with what appeared to be drug paraphernalia. The female put white powder into a plate. After scraping it into a single row, it appeared she inhaled it.

A police cruiser arrived at the community. Two police officers entered the laundry facility and approached the two individuals. After a brief conversation, the officers handcuffed the male and female. One officer confiscated the items. The other officer escorted the individuals out of the laundry facility, followed by the other officer.

Illegal Activities Taking Place on Multifamily Residential Properties Are No Match For Stealth

Multifamily residential communities need live video monitoring to provide a safe environment for residents by helping to deter illegal behaviors taking place inside community properties. If this community did not have live video monitoring deployed, it’s possible that illegal drug use activity would have been recorded on video, but not responded to in the moment.

With recorded incidents, it’s quite possible that unwanted and illegal activity may never be seen or seen days, weeks, even months after the fact. It takes manpower and time away from everyday job duties to sift through hours of recorded video data.

Effective follow up of recorded incidents can also be difficult. Single and multiple attempts to identify recorded individuals’ identities to help bring them to justice is reactive. Individuals would have to be searched for throughout a community after an event took place. It’s also likely that involved individuals aren’t even residents of a community in the first place.

As seen here, with Stealth’s proactive security solution customized specifically for multifamily residential communities, our trained monitoring operator watched the incident unfold in real time. Noticing that the community had no audible alarms available and their security guard was already off duty, local police were contacted.

Officers were able to “surprise” the individuals, who appeared to act as though they didn’t know officers were anywhere nearby nor that they were being watched on live video surveillance cameras.

This was all made possible by the way in which Stealth leverages advanced video analytics and human intelligence to help deter illegal behaviors taking place in real time within your community. Contact us to learn more.