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Criminal Trespass and Liability at Commercial Properties

Posted by Amy Hite on Apr 16, 2018

Trespassers on your property can pose a number of problems. Not only could they have the intent to commit a crime, they could injure themselves and in certain situations, you could be liable. As a property owner or manager, what can you do? This Catch of the Month focuses on criminal trespass and loitering prevention, as well as ways to mitigate liability.

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Criminal Trespass and Liability Article Summaries

Attempted Theft at Car Dealership

Stealth’s car dealership security operators helped prevent a theft from a car dealership. They saw an unauthorized individual enter the property, break into an area under renovation and take some construction materials. Our operator activated the speaker warning and called local police. Responding officers located the thief and placed him under arrest.

How Can I Prevent Loitering at My Shopping Center?

On the surface, retail property loitering may seem innocent, but it can lead to serious problems. Customers may be hesitant to enter an establishment and it could ruin a business’s reputation. Stealth’s shopping center security system helped Glendale Police locate loiterers before any serious issues could occur. This article also explores different ways to deter loitering at retail plazas, shopping centers and other types of retail properties.

San Antonio Security Guard Fatally Shoots Woman in Parking Lot

Live video monitoring is an effective alternative to a security guard service without the liabilities or safety concerns. A female suspect exhibited erratic behavior and sped in her car towards a security guard. The guard pulled out his gun and fatally shot the woman in the neck. Our trained security operators would have seen the suspicious activity and acted accordingly to help prevent this unfortunate incident.

Rooftop Surveillance System Protects Outdoor Assets

Stealth’s security camera system operators saw a group of juveniles engage in criminal trespass on a shopping center’s rooftop and called local police. Responding officers were able to get the juveniles down from the roof, before anyone got hurt.