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Dumpster Diver with Multiple Open Warrants Arrested at Maryland Auto Dealership

Posted by Curtis Lloyd on Oct 18, 2023

When thinking of the variety of security hotspots found throughout automotive dealerships, dumpsters are not likely to be the first or most critical place to come to mind. Typically, dealerships focus security efforts on protecting against theft and vandalism on lots and in showrooms, where high-value inventory makes an increasingly appealing target for vehicle thieves. 

According to a WUSA9 report in June of 2023, car thefts have skyrocketed across the state of Maryland, with Montgomery County seeing thefts double over 12 months. This spike was severe enough to lead County police to reactivate a special unit, the Auto Crime Enforcement Section, with the aim of combatting the significant increase in vehicle thefts. 

Dealerships can no longer rely on traditional security solutions, like gates or courtesy patrols alone, to protect their valuable inventory from increasingly bold and brazen thieves 

At 3:50 a.m., Stealth security professionals caught sight of an intruder on the property at a Maryland automotive dealership. The suspicious individual could be seen accessing the dumpster and beginning to dig through its contents. Observing security operators immediately activated the onsite audible warnings to encourage the dumpster diver to leave, but the talkdown warning was ignored.  

Security operators then contacted local police dispatchers to inform them of the activity in progress. Mere minutes later, the dealership dumpster diver attempted to flee the premises but was intercepted by responding police officers. The suspect was removed from his vehicle, handcuffed, and ultimately taken into police custody without further incident. A follow-up call with local police dispatch revealed that the dumpster diver had numerous open warrants at the time of the arrest. 

Help Protect All Areas of Your Dealership with a Comprehensive and Proactive Security Solution 

Automotive dealerships have a unique set of security concerns when compared to other commercial spaces. Lots need to be secure, but also easily accessible for after-hours browsing for potential customers. Showrooms, key storage, building access, parts inventory, service areas, perimeters- there are so many potential hotspots and onsite assets that require protection. 

Every dealership is unique and requires innovative and proactive solutions to meet their specific security needs. Layering both physical and electronic security solutions can mean the difference between effectively reducing inventory shrinkage and preventing or deterring criminal or other unwanted activity, and significant losses. 

Live video monitoring is a proactive solution that can help reduce and deter trespassers, thefts, vandalism, and other physical threats more effectively than traditional guards or courtesy patrols. Using a combination of cutting-edge video analytics and human intelligence, Stealth’s live video monitoring can monitor multiple areas and angles throughout your property simultaneously, reducing blind spots and allowing for the detection and intervention of suspicious or unwanted activity in real time. 

There are a variety of additional applications and benefits for auto dealerships specifically, including the ability to oversee operations, identify potential risks, monitor service lanes, and protect against false liability claims. 

Live video monitoring also reduces the need for on-site guards, which can mean significant security cost reductions- many of Stealth’s clients have reduced their spending by as much as 25-60% when choosing remote video monitoring.  

To learn more about how you can put this cost-effective, proactive deterrent of criminal and unwanted activity to work for your dealership, contact us today for details, and speak with one of our automotive dealership security specialists for your free quote. 

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