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How Construction Site Security Cameras Add Value Beyond Security

Posted by Ryan Cox on Nov 16, 2020

Construction sites
face more challenges than other industries. That’s because the bulk of employees’ work can put their lives in danger. No company wants anyone to get injured or killed on the job.

They also deal with theft. With expensive equipment and materials left outside on jobsites, it can tempt would-be thieves to break-in. These sites rarely have people present after the workday ends. Theft and injuries can easily cause project delays, cost overruns, and dwindling profits. Although insurance may reimburse for theft, getting the payout is not a quick process.

The Need for Construction Site Security Cameras

Construction site security solutions like remote video monitoring are a must-have with the growing number of theft and construction site injuries. Setting up video surveillance involves installing video cameras in strategic locations around the construction site and monitoring them.

Security cameras for construction sites see the entire site and record all activity, regardless if anyone watches the cameras. Video surveillance can do much more than enhance security and safety.

Check out these six ways remote video monitoring boosts construction security.

1. Helps ensure site is safe for construction workers

The most important reason for construction site security cameras is safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says one in five worker fatalities took place in construction. They refer to Construction’s “Fatal Four” as the top causes of worker death.

The Fatal Four includes falls, struck by an object, electrocutions, and caught-in or between equipment or objects. These are responsible for almost 60 percent of the fatalities. Any steps companies take to eliminate the Fatal Four would save close to 600 workers’ lives in the U.S. every year.

Moreover, National Safety Council lists construction as one of the top five occupations with the greatest number of injuries that result in days off from work. With the shortage of construction workers, it will take time to find a replacement to keep the project on schedule.

A construction site is always a hubbub of activity. A constant stream of people, equipment, and materials come and go on the job site. Out-of-place materials, leaky pipes, and loose cables are dangers waiting to happen.

Obstacles and uneven ground can cause workers to slip and fall. Construction site employees must remain vigilant about safety processes and procedures. However, they can sometimes get absorbed in their everyday work and forget all about it. Video surveillance can stay on top of it.

2. Helps prevent construction site theft

Another reason you need construction site security cameras is theft. The theft of construction equipment is a consistent problem. Trespassers figure out they can easily break into a construction site. They also know they have a great chance of getting away with it. Between the ease of entry and the likelihood of not getting caught, thieves think it’s worth the risk. This is especially true because they can sell the equipment for big bucks.

The National Equipment Register (NER) estimates $300 to $1 billion of equipment is stolen each year. The data doesn’t count frequently stolen items such as building equipment and tools. To top it off, a whopping 75 percent of the stolen equipment never makes it back to their owners.

Equipment theft isn’t the only problem construction sites face. The amount of stolen copper exceeds $1 billion every year according to the Department of Energy. On average, copper sells for $3 per pound, thieves know they can find it at construction sites.

Even if insurance pays up, theft costs more than the loss of the equipment. It leads to project delays and higher expenses. Clients will not be happy when the project falls behind schedule. This, in turn, can affect the construction company’s reputation. They may not hire the company again or be a source of referrals.

With computers and humans keeping an eye on your entire site, there’s a chance they could detect intruders before they enter the jobsite. When this happens, the trained monitoring operator can issue a warning on a speaker system. These operators are nowhere near the construction site. This puts them in the best position to take action because they will not fear for their lives.

If it reaches the point in which the operator calls law enforcement, the operator can give them real-time updates. The security operator can stay on top of the intruder’s location and report back to the police until they find the intruder.

3. Relocate cameras as project advances

For construction sites, sometimes the best place to put cameras at the beginning of the project isn’t the best place in the middle or the end of the project. This is where mobile video surveillance comes in handy. The advantage of using mobile video surveillance is quicker deployment especially when using a modular solution.

It can prove challenging to secure construction sites because of their low-lighting, unreliable power, and constant change. A modular solution overcomes these issues because it’s self-contained with an optional battery backup in case of a power outage.

This modular solution can scale up or down based on the company’s current needs. It also works with wireless or hardwired internet. It’s possible to boost security by adding an audio deterrent with this modular system This lets the monitor watching the cameras warn the suspects.

4. Decreases fraud and liability

It’s very hard to win a fraud or liability lawsuit when you can’t identify and prove who is responsible for the incident. That’s why these lawsuits are popular. People believe they can get away with it and make money. A payout could also drive up the cost of your insurance premiums.

Video surveillance helps limit liability. It does this by recording the activity and providing proof of what really happened. If someone — even an intruder — gets injured on your construction site, they could sue. You certainly don’t want to lose a liability lawsuit to someone who trespassed on your property and planned to do something illegal.

A company could claim the construction site damaged its truck. A recording can show the truck arrived on the construction site with damage or left the construction site without damage. Along with providing security, video cameras tell the whole story.

5. Monitors the site in all weather conditions

Extreme weather can cause problems on construction sites. Since no one will likely be on-site when there are tornados, floods, or sudden freezes, remotely located trained operators watch the property from a safe location.

When they spot a problem, they can call the manager or emergency personnel. The recordings of these incidents can be sent to the insurance company to show the weather caused the damage. In this case, video cameras do double-duty. They are a security deterrent as well as a way to get alerted of potential problems before they become big expensive problems.

6. Costs less than security guards

Security guards can only see what is directly in front of them. Additionally, they can’t see as much at nighttime. One guard may be affordable, but the costs climb exponentially for each one you add.

Compared to police officers, security guards obtain very little training. You don’t have a guarantee that the security guards will take the right action in every situation. Their training — if any — does not prepare them for dangerous situations that set off human being’s fight or flight instinct.

Not only do construction site security solutions cost less than security guards, but they also have eyes on the entire property. Security guards can’t always safely navigate the entire construction site. It has uneven terrain, materials, equipment, and other things that can affect the security guard’s safety.

The Value of Video Surveillance

Proactive video surveillance relies on video analytics and human intelligence to deliver the highest level of security 24/7. Construction site security cameras do more than help deter crime and damage before it happens. Cameras can help increase safety and productivity while ensuring compliance and following procedures. They could reduce risk, liability, fraud, and insurance premiums.

A construction company’s managers can rest easy knowing the cameras watch the entire property and record all activity. It’s more affordable than you think. These services can save up to 60 percent on your security guard costs.

To learn about construction video surveillance, download your free copy of the Construction Security and Safety Best Practices guide. Don’t leave anything to chance. Your workers’ safety and the protection of your property depends on it. To get started, please contact us.