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Newsletter: Industrial Warehouse Security Helps Catch Thieves Tampering with a Trailer

Posted by Sean Murphy on Oct 24, 2017

Catch of the Month Newsletter: Industrial Warehouse Security Helps Catch Thieves Tampering with a Trailer

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In this month’s featured video persistence doesn’t pay for three men tampering with a trailer at a Louisiana warehouse loading dock.

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Three men in a pickup return to the same trailer at a Louisiana warehouse loading dock after an audio alert warned them to leave. They didn’t listen and earned a trip to jail.

A black pickup truck towing an empty trailer drives around the building to the rear of the Louisiana warehouse. The vehicle stops in front of a white trailer that is backed into the loading dock. The driver exits the pickup and walks to the side of the trailer.

A Stealth industrial warehouse security operator sees the suspicious activity and activates a warning speaker. The truck makes a U turn and drives away.

The truck returns later and stops at the same trailer. The driver gets out and tries to enter the trailer cab. Police, previously alerted to the trespassers, are quickly on the property. Three police cars swoop in to corner the suspects. The driver and two other suspects take off running.

A police car stops in front of one runner to capture him. The police engage helicopters to find the other two suspects.

Inadequate Shopping Center Parking Lot Security May Lead to Lawsuits

Video surveillance and parking lot security are important measures that commercial property managers can take to protect shoppers, employees, visitors and residents.

A recent report says approximately 80% of criminal activity at shopping malls and other business properties happens in the parking lot. Lawyers know this and can file lawsuits claiming a lack of adequate security measures.

When planning to improve parking lot security, property managers should perform detailed risk analyses that document all security improvements. This should include not only the benefit of protecting customers and employees, but also the savings in reduced crime, damage and liability to the property.

In addition to proper lighting, live video surveillance can significantly increase industrial warehouse security for parking lots.

Inadequate Industrial Warehouse Security in Million Dollar Heists

Warehouse crime can be among the highest-valued incidents. This is due to the volume of products stored in one location. An FBI report says that shipping and trucking companies lose more than $30 billion every year. Industrial warehouse security can be a critical part of protecting a commercial property.

Several warehouses learned this lesson the hard way. Thieves in San Fernando Valley stole $4.5 million worth of high-end makeup from an industrial property by sawing through the roof. In Las Vegas, burglars took more than 30,000 condoms one night. They returned the next morning and grabbed three large boxes of sex toys. And two men robbed a Maryland warehouse of over $20,000 worth of alcohol that was being held in box trucks.

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