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Intruder Arrested After Breaking into Vehicle at Kentucky Auto Dealership

Posted by Erik Mullinax on Jul 14, 2023

There are a wide variety of factors that make automotive dealerships a unique challenge when it comes to effective security. Dealerships need to be inviting, even after hours, for potential customers to comfortably maneuver through lots and view inventory. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory is kept outdoors, and in irregularly shaped lots where there may be difficult-to-view corners, or sections of inventory kept close to busy main roads. 

Unique challenges need proactive, responsive solutions. In this Arrest of the Month video, Stealth’s proactive surveillance caught an intruder red handed breaking into a red sedan at a Kentucky auto dealership. 

Just after 8:00 p.m., an alert Stealth security professional spotted an intruder on a Kentucky auto dealership gaining access to a red sedan parked on the property. The security monitoring operator immediately activated onsite audible alarms and instructed the intruder to clear the area. The security operator then reached out to local law enforcement dispatch and informed them of the situation in progress. Responding officers quickly arrived at the property, located the individual and vehicle, and placed the suspect into custody.  

Help Reduce and Deter Crime at Your Dealership with Proactive Security  

While many auto dealerships rely on security guards to monitor their property, there’s a variety of vulnerabilities in choosing guards as your primary security solution. Inadequate training, limited coverage, prohibitive expense, and human error can all render guards alone ineffective.  

Stealth Monitoring’s customized live video monitoring solutions work in real time to catch suspicious activity and events as they happen, making them a proactive security solution. Cutting-edge analytics-based surveillance cameras are placed in key areas throughout your property, while highly trained security professionals monitor these feeds safely and remotely. We watch when there is activity, not just motion, and can help determine when activity requires intervention from audible onsite warnings or local law enforcement.  

Just as you saw in the video above, our ability to provide police dispatch with up-to-the-minute information about activity in progress typically results in faster police response times, earlier interventions, and improved security outcomes.  

Ready to learn more about how Stealth can work for you? Contact us today and get a free consultation with an automotive dealership security specialist. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187