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Mattamy Homes Decreases Theft and Accidents with Remote Video Monitoring

Posted by Kirk Biddle on Feb 26, 2020

When North America’s largest privately owned home builder was in need of a security solution, they turned to Stealth Monitoring.

The Construction Site Security Challenges

Theft is a common problem on construction sites. So much so that it is not uncommon for companies to price a project higher simply because they can expect a portion of their material to go missing.

There are a lot of moving parts and people on a construction site. From homeowners arriving to check on their build to unwelcomed trades dumping materials illegally to trespassers stealing equipment, issues like these can add up and cost a company millions of dollars.

Scott Caulfield is a Health & Safety rep for Mattamy Homes, a large North American homebuilder. When it came to finding the right security system, he wanted one that would simply let him do his job. He wanted a solution that would follow up with him on any issues on his site that he wasn’t aware of.

The Remote Video Surveillance Solution

Stealth Monitoring has removed a lot of the burden plaguing Caulfield. Surveillance cameras have been strategically placed around the site. As of late, thefts have dwindled, and accidents have been greatly reduced. As for missing materials, trades can now deliver their materials ahead of schedule and store them in open garages, all within camera view.

Caulfield cites one incident when Stealth was able to help locate criminals on another construction site and assist in getting the thieves arrested and the tools returned.

The Benefits of a Proactive Solution

Caulfield and Mattamy Homes have been very happy with Stealth’s results. They know the company they hired for security is doing their job.

In addition to helping to deter crime, as an additional service, Stealth provides access and gate control to better manage who enters and exits a site. Even employees of Mattamy Homes get stopped at the gate before they go inside which makes Caulfield very happy, stating, “We want that level of security.”

Caulfield says, “Stealth Monitoring makes it very easy for me to check up on my sites by giving me an app on my phone that allows me to check any camera on the site at any time of the day.” He adds, “If I see something wrong with the system while checking my phone, I can contact someone in customer service who will also assist me with other camera views or anything else I need.”

Stealth’s security solution doesn’t just benefit Mattamy Homes. Their trade partners know that if something does get taken, this company is one of the few who can do something to help get their stolen items back.

Caulfield sums it up best, “I’m able to do my job as well as take care of all the site security and safety with the help of Stealth”

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