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See What Happens to Valuable Copper on This Construction Site

Posted by Sudesh Jangalee on Apr 16, 2019

With the Department of Energy reporting the amount of stolen copper exceeding $1 billion every year, it makes the metal attractive to thieves. Criminals know they can find it at construction sites even if the property has a fence around the perimeter. They know it can be sold for a good price since copper run about $3 per pound.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that businesses submitted more than 28,000 claims of copper, bronze, brass, and aluminum theft between 2014 and 2016. Of those, 27,450 were copper.

It’s possible to deter copper theft on construction sites, scrap metal yards, and other commercial properties. Just take a look at this video of a trespasser on a construction site who picks up copper wire along the way.

How Live Video Monitoring Deterred Copper Theft

Stealth Monitoring’s trained operator spotted a suspect who climbed the fence of a Dallas, Texas construction site. He proceeded to look for copper. Our operator activated the on-site speaker warnings. The operating monitor also contacted the Dallas police when the suspect picked up copper from the property. The responding officers located and arrested the suspect before he could get leave the site.

Imagine if the construction site had a security guard patrolling a different area of the large construction site. The guard would not have seen the suspect and the police department would not have received a call. Furthermore, there would be no footage to use as evidence.

The Need for Remote Video Surveillance on Properties

Trespassers look for opportunities at construction sites, scrap yards, and other properties. They may look to steal construction equipment, copper, or tools. Intruders could also be thrill seekers looking to climb cranes. It is possible for the owner of the property to be held liable if the trespasser gets hurt on the property.

Adding live video monitoring to your security program will lead to a fast return on investment. If the suspect had stolen the copper and there was no video monitoring, the construction company would not likely have gotten it back. The theft could affect premiums and delays in the project.

If the suspect had gotten away before the cops arrived, video monitoring can capture identifiable data to help the police find the suspect. To learn about construction security solutions that help prevent copper theft, crane climbers, and vandalism, please contact us.