Trammell Crow Residential Property Achieves Better Results While Reducing Security Expenses with Live Video Monitoring

Posted by Blake Mitchell on November 11, 2021

Many multifamily communities utilize an onsite security guard or courtesy patrol to watch their property. This may be adequate for some, but for other communities that solution simply isn’t effective enough.

Just ask Shawnee Tharp, Vice President of Asset Management for Trammell Crow Residential, the nation’s largest developer of premier residences. “The reality is a security guard is really just there to observe and report. If they can’t see what’s going on all over the property, they’re really not that effective, and they can be very expensive.”

Multifamily Property Security Challenges

One of Ms. Tharp’s properties in San Diego was dealing with crime on a regular basis, including bike room and vehicle break-ins, as well as people sleeping in front of the building. The community’s security guards were not effective enough at eliminating the problems. Not to mention, they were eating into her security budget.

Live Video Monitoring Saves Time and Money

Prior to implementing Stealth’s proactive security solution, Ms. Tharp was spending a lot of time trying to calm the nerves of her residents plus those at her property management company. Knowing the security guards weren’t working, she needed a better option to solve her issues.

She placed a call to Stealth, who immediately put together a plan that was going to be the most effective for operating the building. Now that Stealth is watching her communities, she AND her residents have peace of mind. She has also been able to reduce her security expenses by 60 percent!

Ms. Tharp takes comfort in knowing there are eyes on her property even during non-monitoring hours. The cameras continue to record and if anything should happen, Stealth’s video review team will find the footage of the incident. In her words, “resolving an issue becomes moments instead of hours or days.”

“It’s not just cameras and it’s not just monitoring. It’s people that care about the community,” says Ms. Tharp. “That kind of service, you don’t get that from many companies.”

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