Trespassers Climb Industrial Ladder to Access Cannabis Facility

Posted by Mark Mariotti on August 3, 2021

After midnight, three individuals were observed by one of Stealth’s professional, detail-oriented security operators climbing an industrial ladder attached to the side of a cannabis business finding their way onto the roof. Our operator immediately contacted local police.

As police arrived, the operator observed items being thrown off the roof and individuals running from police. An officer appears to speak with an individual on a bicycle, while other officers search the premises, ascending the ladder and shining lights into the front door of the facility.

Our operator reported that police chased the individuals and confirmed they were arrested.

Mandated Requirements Call for Trusted Security Professionals

The cannabis industry comes with specific mandated requirements when using video surveillance and live monitoring as a form of security for cannabis dispensaries. These are in addition to industry-specific regulations. This poses more and different challenges than other types of businesses.

Stealth is well-versed in cannabis security requirements. We realize they are tougher to meet than other industries. In the United States, each state has meticulous directives that specify camera resolution and location, as well as for remote video surveillance. Laws and regulations for Canadian cannabis dispensaries are just as detailed.

Stealth security specialists can design customized surveillance camera systems that are monitored in real time by trained security operators. Immediate action can be taken if unusual activity is seen. This system can also be integrated with access control. In addition, we provide video archiving as part of our world-class service. Our video analytics combined our human intelligence by our live video monitoring offers a proactive approach to cannabis security at a more cost-effective price point than traditional security guards – typically a savings of 25% to 60%.

Contact us to help achieve regulatory compliance and maximize your cannabis business’s security by creating a customized Stealth live video monitoring security solution.

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