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Trespassing Shadow Boxer Accesses Mailboxes at North Carolina Office Building

Posted by David Charney on Nov 10, 2023

When it comes to commercial property security, the stakes are too high for half-measures. Unmonitored cameras and roving guards might seem like quick fixes. But these reactive approaches leave dangerous gaps that astute criminals readily exploit.  

As a result, trespassing and burglary on commercial properties pose significant dangers and liability issues for both the property owners and the individuals involved.  


  • Personal Injury: The trespassers, as well as individuals present on the commercial property, may face personal injury risks, especially during burglary incidents where violence could erupt. 
  • Commercial Burglary Risks: Commercial burglary, defined as the act or intent of entering a commercial property usually involving theft, presents dangers such as potential violence, property damage, and financial loss. 

Liability Issues: 

  • Premise Liability: Property owners may bear liability for injuries occurring on their property due to negligent security or inadequate measures to prevent trespassing and burglary. They are expected to provide reasonable security measures to protect lawful visitors from foreseeable crimes by third parties. 
  • Negligent Security: If a crime like burglary occurs and it’s demonstrated that better security could have prevented or mitigated the crime, the property owner or tenant could face a negligent security lawsuit. The liability in such cases hinges on whether the crime was foreseeable based on prior similar incidents, and whether adequate security measures were in place. 
  • Insurance and Financial Implications: Business owners can shield themselves from some liability through general liability insurance, which covers defense costs, injury damages, and medical bills if someone gets hurt within the commercial property’s premises. 

Adequate security measures, insurance coverage, and legal counsel are crucial for commercial property owners to navigate these issues effectively. 

In this Arrest of the Month video, Stealth’s live video monitoring team saw some unusual activity in a North Carolina office building that could have caused significant damages if left unchecked.

A little before 2:30 in the morning. Stealth security professionals noticed an individual loitering on the property of a North Carolina office building, behaving erratically before appearing to tamper with the mailboxes. Local police dispatch was immediately contacted and responding officers arrived onsite quickly. They could be seen apprehending the suspect minutes later. 

Protect Your Property and Tenants with Real-Time, Proactive Security   

As an office building owner or manager, safeguarding your property, tenants, and assets is a top priority. Unfortunately, threats like trespassing, theft, and vandalism are real concerns that can disrupt business, damage your reputation, and cost you money.   

That’s why implementing a cutting-edge, live video monitoring solution from Stealth is a smart, proactive way to get in front of issues before they occur. With customizable coverage and real-time alerts, our trained security experts actively monitor your property and can respond to suspicious activity as it happens – before damage is done.   

With Stealth’s timely interventions, onsite alarms, and coordination with law enforcement, we can stop trespassers and criminals in their tracks, preventing costly incidents. And with costs of 25-60% less than traditional security services, you get unmatched protection for a significant savings. 

Don’t leave your property and tenants vulnerable. Get comprehensive, cost-effective security with real-time monitoring tailored to your needs. Contact Stealth today to learn more about securing your building with the latest video surveillance capabilities.  

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