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Two Intoxicated Crane Climbers Arrested

Posted by Steve Mansell on Jul 20, 2020

In this month’s video, what goes up, must come down. Two crane climbers had their fun abruptly end thanks to our security operator and an on-site audio warning.

Shortly after 2 a.m. a Stealth security operator observed two individuals scaling the crane at a Montreal construction site. Our monitoring operator immediately activated the on-site speaker warning. The trespassers climbed down and headed away from the site. The operator then contacted police. Officers arrived and investigated the property. On a follow-up call, we learned the suspects had been caught and apprehended.

Crane Climbers Are a Liability Risk

Crane climbers have long been a security headache for project managers. Cranes, while being very useful pieces of equipment, can be very dangerous. Over a seven-year span, from 2011-2017, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) reported there were nearly 300 crane-related deaths. That’s an average of roughly 42 per year. Those statistics represent the number of workers who were killed. The last thing a contractor wants is an adrenaline junkie to play around on their cranes.

Help Deter Crane Climbers with Remote Video Monitoring

If crane climbers or other trespassers are determined to get into a construction site, a perimeter fence isn’t enough to keep them out. How can project managers and contractors secure their sites to help ensure safety and limit liability?

Remote video monitoring is a proactive solution designed to catch suspicious activity in progress. Analytics-based surveillance cameras can pick up movements and alert security operators of suspicious activity. Wireless cameras can be placed on crane shafts that move with it as it is raised. Once notified, the operator can take immediate action. This proactive solution can help track suspicious activity to help enhance safety, limit liability and mitigate risk.

For more information about remote video monitoring for your construction site, contact us.