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Two Trespassers Invade Washington Construction Jobsite, Break into Building

Posted by Paul Gross on Apr 26, 2023

Trespassers can cause a wide variety of complications for a construction site. From liability risks to damages that can put a project behind for weeks, trespassing is a security concern for any construction business. Unfortunately, trespassers are often seeking more than simply a place to loiter or vandalize. 

Theft is another major security concern for construction leads and project managers. With rising materials and equipment costs making replacements both costly and inconvenient, theft and other damages can have a devasting effect on a project’s budget and timeline.  


At 4:03 a.m., sharp-eyed Stealth security professionals caught sight of two trespassers lurking along the edges of a Washington construction project, moving with apparent purpose toward one of the buildings, quickly using what appeared to be a crowbar to break in and disappear inside. Onsite speakers were immediately activated, but their warning went unheeded. Security operators then contacted local law enforcement dispatch to report the crime in progress. 

Officers arrived onsite withing minutes of the call and began their search of the site for the two individuals. Ultimately, officers were able to locate the two subjects and place them under arrest, while additional officers secured and conducted a security patrol of the area.  

Help Reduce Your Jobsite’s Risk of Damages and Delays with Proactive Security Measures 

With break-ins, trespasses, and theft becoming even more commonplace on construction projects and jobsites as of late, traditional security measures are simply not enough. According to one U.S. builder, “construction site theft is rampant,” with thefts ranging from a few loose items to thousands of dollars in materials and equipment 

The unique nature of an active construction project makes keeping it secure a challenge. Fences, while helpful, are often simply not enough to deter determined thieves. Stealth’s remote video monitoring can help deter criminals and unwanted activity while reducing security costs. Remote video monitoring is a proactive security solution using trained security operators and analytics-based cameras to monitor sites for unusual or suspicious activity. 

When someone or something appears out of place- for example, a pair of individuals moving through or around the property at 4:00 in the morning, our security personnel can quickly assess the activity and respond.  

In the above example, our security monitoring professionals sounded onsite warnings and contacted police, informing dispatch of their location and description in real-time. Officers were able to use this information to locate and arrest the two subjects before additional escalation occurred.  

Interested in learning more about our customizable security solutions and how they can be put to use benefitting your construction business? For an incredible example of how one client uses overhead cameras to catch all the action on their sites, read this case study: Construction Company Exxel Pacific, Inc. Benefits from the Utility of Overhead Time-Lapse Cameras. To schedule a consultation or get a free quote, contact us today.  Texas Private Security License Number: B14187