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Hooded Trespasser Caught Casing Construction Site

Minutes before 1:00 am, Stealth security professionals monitoring a construction client’s jobsite spotted an individual dressed in all black with a hood trespassing on the jobsite.

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Remote Surveillance Catches Man Trespassing at Washington Construction Site

Stealth Monitoring security operators observing a Washington construction site spotted an individual trespassing before laying down on a pile of wood planks.

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8 Reasons Why Construction Security and Safety Needs Remote Monitoring

Construction sites face an array of security challenges, from theft and vandalism to accidents and environmental hazards. These threats not only pose risks to personnel…

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Construction Materials: Thought the Problem of Rising Costs Was Over? Think Again

The supply chain is starting to stabilize somewhat. Prices have finally stopped soaring. An Engineering News-Record article confirms the cost of construction materials is slowly…

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Construction Security: Which Options Work Best?

The necessity for robust construction security measures in the industry has always been a constant. According to the National Equipment Register Equipment Theft Report, the…

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