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Masked Trespassers Use Trailer to Access Shopping Center Rooftop

At 1:30 a.m., Stealth security professionals monitoring surveillance of a New Jersey shopping center spotted a group of suspicious...


Residential Parking Garage Lurker Busted on Camera

At 2:32 am, a Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted someone breaking into and accessing the parking facilities of an apartment...


Major Construction Materials Heist Thwarted in North Carolina

Long after work had stopped for the day on a Charlotte, North Carolina construction site, alert Stealth security operators noticed...


Suspicious Texas Apartment Mailbox Rummager Caught with Live Video Surveillance

Stealth security professionals spot a suspicious individual in the mailbox area of a Texas apartment community at nearly 1:15 a.m....


Caught on Surveillance: Apparent Intoxicated Individual Passes Out in Apartment Community Hallway

Stealth security operators observing live surveillance feeds of a Champaign, Illinois apartment community ay 10:25 p.m. spotted an...


Group Loitering at Shopping Center Dispersed with Help from Live Surveillance

Just after 10:15 a.m. when a trio of individuals are spotted by Stealth security professionals loitering in front of businesses at a...


San Diego Apartment Late Night Trespassers Hop Fence, Get Busted

At 2:10 a.m., two individuals were noticed by a Stealth security operator trespassing in the area of the locked parking facilities...


Trespassing Couple and Friend Arrested on Virginia Construction Site

At 1:38 in the morning, an alert Stealth security operator spotted two suspicious individuals, a male and female, entering an Alexandria,...


Suspicious Activity on Dealership Lot Leads to Arrest

An observant Stealth security operator noticed a red SUV entering the lot to browse, followed by a purple pickup truck with a single car...


Suspects Accessing Multiple Vehicles at College Park Apartment Community Caught

An alert Stealth security professional spotted two individuals walking through the parking lot of a College Park, Georgia apartment...


: Suspect Arrested After Attempted Theft on Washington Construction Site

Late at night, a Stealth security professional monitoring a Bremerton, Washington construction site spotted an individual trespassing from...


Midnight Brawlers in Dallas Apartment Community Caught on Live Video

It's just after midnight in a Dallas community when Stealth trained security operators spotted multiple individuals exiting the apartment...

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