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Apartment Package Thief Arrested

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Nov 12, 2021

Thieves. Porch pirates. Criminals. Whatever you call them, package theft is unfortunately a common, everyday occurrence within multifamily communities. This month’s video shows a package heist in which Stealth’s live remote monitoring helped to catch a thief in action, leading to arrest and deterrence of theft.

Around 3 o’clock in the morning, a well-trained Stealth Monitoring security operator saw an individual force open a door of a California multifamily residential community.

The trespasser gained access to a common area that stored residents’ packages. He propped the door open with a package. Our operator called local police. The thief proceeded to steal package after package, placing each outside the propped-open door.

The thief gathered up the stolen packages and put them into a commercial-grade garbage can with wheels. Police officers arrived and questioned the suspect before he had a chance to take off with the packages. An officer handcuffed the perpetrator while other officers gathered the stolen packages and returned them to the community’s package room.

The handcuffed thief was led off property by officers.

Prevalence of Package Theft Can Be Deterred with Live Remote Monitoring

A study by ValuePenguin found that since March 2021, approximately 40% of package thefts happened to residents of apartment buildings. A Shorr’s study that found California had the highest number of stolen Amazon packages out of all the U.S. states. Couple these statistics together and you’ll understand exactly why this video is so important. It demonstrates how Stealth Monitoring’s live video monitoring solution not only helped deter in-progress package theft at a multifamily residential community, but also played a part in those packages being returned.

Security and safety are key drivers that demonstrate value within the multifamily residential market. Many apartment communities simply exist. Those that go the extra mile in showing how they keep residents and their property safe are more likely to minimize vacancies while maximizing their rental rates. Stealth’s live video surveillance solution, customized to best serve your community, can help.

Our solutions work in real time to catch events as they happen. Human intelligence – our trained security monitoring operators – and advanced video analytics combine to create the highest level of security for your community. When our operators see an event that needs intervention, they can activate on-site warning speakers to attempt to deter the situation. Further, our operators can contact local police and continue to watch as the situation progresses. Because we take a proactive approach, most events are deterred before damage occurs.

With the 2021 holiday season just around the corner, contact us to deploy Stealth’s proven, proactive solution to deter package theft at your community.