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Brazen Thieves: Why You Need to Be Worried

Two words keep popping up in the many articles and news reports about crimes: brazen thieves. No business or industry is safe. Brazen thieves are…

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Arrest of Burglary Suspect at Apartment Building

Package and mail theft is a serious issue for apartment communities. It’s a widespread concern all across North America. Fortunately, for property owners/managers, there are…

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Erratic Individual Cause for Concern at Apartment Community

In this Arrest of the Month video, we took action after seeing erratic behavior from a hammer-wielding individual.

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Vandals Caught and Arrested at California Shopping Center

In this Arrest of the Month video, we observed a group of graffiti taggers behind a California shopping center.

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Package Thief Caught and Arrested in Real Time

Residents are entitled to package and mail delivery that is safe, convenient and effective. So, managing how your residents receive their parcels, packages and mail…

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