Construction Trespassers Moving Equipment Caught and Arrested

Posted by Paul Gross on December 16, 2021

When construction sites are unoccupied, especially at night, it can invite trespassers. They could potentially cause significant damage not only to your project, but to themselves, as well. That makes finding an effective security solution so crucial.

One night, after workers had gone home, an individual was spotted inside a construction site. The trespasser made her way around the site towards a trailer. She approached a ladder and attempted to move it, finally resting it against the chain link perimeter fence. Soon after, a second individual approached the construction site fence and entered by squeezing through a gap between the fence and a concrete wall.

One of our trained Stealth security operators was watching this activity and called to dispatch local police, informing them of the suspects’ whereabouts. Just as officers were arriving, the first suspect exited the site. She didn’t get too far as police caught up with her and placed her under arrest. The second trespasser was also caught and arrested.

Help Keep Unwanted Visitors Off of Your Site

No matter what motivates someone to walk onto a construction site, the outcome could result in injury, damage, downtime and financial loss. One of the best ways to help keep unwanted visitors out and to prevent criminal activity is to make it difficult for nefarious acts to take place.

Stealth Monitoring partners with construction companies to help reduce crime and other issues by implementing our remote video monitoring solution. Trained security operators, safely located in a remote monitoring center, watch live, analytics-based security cameras to help catch activity in progress. When the analytics in the cameras picks up suspicious behavior, it will alert a monitoring operator who can assess the situation and act.

In the above video, our security professional monitored the activity of the trespassers and called to dispatch police, giving them a description of the suspects. Because we are watching crimes in progress, police tend to elevate the priority level of the call. This often means officers arrive on site while the suspects are still in the area.

To learn more about how our proactive security solution can help protect your constructions sites, contact us.

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