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Group Caught on Cameras Using Drugs in Apartment Community Laundry Room

Posted by Eric Nauta on Mar 15, 2024

Illegal drug use in common areas of multifamily residential communities can present a whole host of issues, ranging from safety concerns to legal liabilities for property managers. The presence of drug activity can lead to a decrease in property values, attract other forms of crime, and create an unsafe environment for residents. Apartment communities are increasingly facing challenges with the operation of makeshift meth labs, which can render apartments so toxic that demolition becomes necessary. Recognizing and addressing drug operations involves training management staff, particularly maintenance personnel, to spot warning signs without infringing on privacy rights. Documenting issues is also vital, so all legal steps are taken to safely address concerns with problem residents. Indicators of drug activity can include unusual odors, stained walls or windows, excessive security measures like deadbolt locks, and the presence of drug paraphernalia in plain view.

Property owners and managers can play a crucial role in combating drug trafficking within their properties. They are encouraged to fairly screen tenants, include explicit clauses in lease agreements regarding drug activity, and maintain the property to discourage criminal behavior. Frequent property visits, listening to tenant concerns about suspicious activities, and engaging with the community are all recommended practices. In instances where drug activity is suspected, property management should record details, coordinate with law enforcement, and possibly pursue eviction based on violations of lease terms or public safety threats. The legal framework supports landlords in taking action against tenants involved in drug trafficking or manufacturing, emphasizing the importance of cooperation with law enforcement to maintain safe and lawful rental communities.

This Arrest of the Month video demonstrates the role effective security measures, like Stealth’s proactive live video monitoring, can play in deterring and responding to illegal or unwanted activity in multifamily residential properties and common areas. Watch below to see what happened when a group behaving suspiciously was spotted in a Texas community’s laundry facilities.

At approximately 1:17 am, Stealth security professionals observing a Texas apartment community spotted a group of four individuals entering the laundry room before beginning to engage in the usage of an unknown substance. One of the group members appeared to place something in one of the dryers. Security operators immediately contacted local police, who arrived and caught the group still gathered on the property. Officers took the group into custody without further incident.

Help Enhance Resident Safety with Live Video Monitoring

When residents choose a community in which to live, it should mean securing a peaceful, safe, and comfortable place to be a part of. Unfortunately, issues like loitering and drug use in shared spaces can disrupt that, causing rapid resident turnover, lease breaking, and other issues for property owners and management. These incidents create safety concerns, lower property value, and can significantly negatively impact the community.

At Stealth, we understand the importance of a secure environment. Our live video monitoring surveillance solution uses advanced cameras and experienced security professionals to proactively help safeguard your property from theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other criminal or unwanted activities.

Our advanced surveillance technology can distinguish between real threats and false alarms from animals or other innocuous sources. If verified suspicious activity occurs, our monitoring team can promptly notify onsite security or law enforcement to address the situation. This allows for an appropriate and prioritized response.

Stealth provides an efficient and cost-effective custom security solution to help enhance safety for multi-family housing. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to learn how our video monitoring can potentially reduce security expenses by as much as 60% while promoting a tranquil community.

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