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Parking Garage Altercation Leads to Arrest

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Jul 9, 2021

Based on data collected from the FBI in 2019, the most recent year in which numbers are available, parking garages are the third most common place for assaults, abductions and homicides. The FBI considers parking garages to be “among the most dangerous” places.

Atop a parking garage connected to a multifamily complex, a Stealth Monitoring operator saw a white pickup truck ascend the ramp and park. The driver (a male) exited the truck, walked over to a white car parked in the lot and attempted to open the driver’s side door.

A female then walked toward the parked car and as she approached the male, they appear to argue. The female walked away, and the male followed behind her. He caught up to her and assaulted her. The female is seen bending down to pick something up off the parking lot. Local police were notified by our operator.

The male then gained access into the car via the driver’s side door. The female returned to the driver’s side door and the male exited the car again. The female walked down the parking garage ramp while the male returned to the truck, entered the driver’s side, started it and began driving down the ramp.

The male returned to the parked car, gained access, backed the car out of its parking spot and parked it in a different parking spot in the lot. He then descended the parking garage on foot via the ramp.

Another camera shot revealed a police cruiser ascending the parking structure followed by a second police cruiser. They both intercepted the male descending the parking garage in the truck. The male was cuffed and placed into a police cruiser.

Design Elements Not a Problem for Video Surveillance and Live Monitoring

Due to some parking garage design elements ­– structural columns, multiple levels and high walls – criminal activity is more likely. Potential perpetrators can easily hide behind columns and multiple levels can make it difficult to locate them. High walls can block important lines of sight.

Stealth’s live video surveillance and monitoring solutions are customizable to each multifamily parking structure. Our operators, who are monitoring analytics-based cameras, are trained to watch for specific scenarios not just motion. This includes suspicious individuals attempting to hide.

The camera’s built-in analytics can detect motion in complicated spaces and then our operators apply human intelligence to assess the incident taking place in real time. The operator can then decide what to do next – give an audible warning or call the police. It all comes at a cost that is up to 60% less than traditional guards.

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