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Predawn Trespasser Hops Construction Site Fence on Camera

Posted by Paul Gross on Jul 11, 2023

Everyone working in the construction industry knows that safety and security are constant concerns. Expensive tools, equipment, and materials are difficult to replace in the event of a theft or an accident- but more difficult still is managing the fallout from preventable incidents that present significant liability risks.  

Just as well known, however, is how tempting thieves, vandals, and bored teens seem to find construction sites. Whether it’s a thief looking to make a quick buck off of some stolen tools, a shady subcontractor snatching materials to resell, or a few highschoolers out for summer mischief– it’s important that jobsites stay secure, trespassers kept out, and unwanted activity is deterred. 

At approximately 4:45 a.m., Stealth security operators monitoring a Washington construction site spotted an individual trespassing on the property. While within camera view, the individual proceeded to hop the fence and gain access to the site, leading the observing operators to immediately contact local law enforcement dispatch. Responding officers were observed arriving and patrolling the area shortly after, and after reaching back out to dispatch, Stealth security professionals were informed that the officers safely apprehended the individual. 

Help Secure Your Jobsites with Proactive Live Video Monitoring 

Perimeter fencing may be a jobsite standard, but as can be clearly seen in the example above, among dozens of others here on our website, it’s simply not enough to keep most determined trespassers out. Whether they’re hopping fences, sneaking in out of passive security cameras’ sightline, or simply avoiding courtesy patrols, criminals and mischief-makers have figured out a variety of effective ways to avoid traditional security measures. 

That’s where a proactive solution, like Stealth’s live video monitoring, comes in. As you saw in the above video, when our team of highly trained security professionals are alerted via analytics-based surveillance that there is activity on your property, they can take immediate action. Our staff of security monitors are trained to determine normal activity versus someone or something suspicious or out of place, and when they spot unwanted activity, they can activate audible onsite warnings or contact local law enforcement as needed. 

Our ability to provide police dispatch with live, real-time details and descriptions of activity in progress means our calls are typically elevated in priority, which can lead to faster police response times and better security outcomes. 

Stealth works with hundreds of construction jobsites across North America, and our team of construction security specialists have experience working with the ever-evolving nature of the security needs and challenges construction jobsites present. Our live video monitoring solution is customizable and can be adjusted as the jobsite progresses.  

Interested in learning about how this responsive, proactive approach to security can be put to work for your company? Contact us today and get the details about how you can save up to 60% on security costs with Stealth Monitoring. 

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