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Shopping Center Increases NOI by More Than $120K with One Simple Security Change.

Posted by Rick Charney on Apr 25, 2019

Shopping centers present unique security challenges. Each one deals with its own set of issues from theft, trespassing and property damage, to site accidents, guard expenses and more.

Shopping center managers and owners have an obligation to provide a safe environment for their retailers and shoppers. That can be difficult when the property is located in a less than desirable part of town. Crimes that occur in and around a shopping center can be costly and endanger the safety of your retailers and shoppers. When criminal activity persists, it can increase maintenance and repair costs, lower property values, and decrease retailer rental demand, all of which can impact your NOI.

The Search for an Effective Security Solution

A shopping center at the intersection of Audelia Road and Forest Lane in Dallas, Texas was experiencing crime on a daily basis. The property is located in a densely populated urban neighborhood, made up primarily of apartment buildings. To help deter theft, damage and loitering, property managers were spending nearly $15,000 every month on security guards. However, criminal activity was persisting.

That’s when Stealth Monitoring entered the picture. What solution did we provide? Were we able to deter crime, lessen liability and increase NOI? You can find out in this case study.

Click here to read it and find out more about the shopping center’s challenges, Stealth Monitoring’s solution and the impactful results.

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