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Trespassers Use Tools to Try to Force Open Apartment Door

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on Nov 10, 2021

Typical video surveillance solutions simply record activities within a confined, field-of-view of a camera. This is great for just capturing data to be used later. However, what if the activity being captured was of a more sinister nature?

In this video, a trespasser is seen violently yanking on a door, attempting to gain access to an apartment. Just recording this activity would do nothing to deter the trespasser. In fact, not acting could lead to more unwanted behaviors and outcomes. See how Stealth’s customized video surveillance solution for multifamily communities proactively deterred this trespasser’s behavior and led to arrest.

Early one morning at a Seattle apartment community, a well-trained Stealth Monitoring security operator saw an individual with a backpack attempt to open a locked door. The individual did not gain access and left.

Later, the same individual returned and tampered with the same locked door. Our operator immediately called police and continued to monitor the activity.

Another individual walked up and pulled on the door handle, but then walked off. The same individual continued to tamper with the door, yanking violently on the handle. The individual then started to pace back and forth, stopping intermittently to yank on the door. The trespasser failed to gain access and walked to an outer sidewalk of the community and stood near the other individual who previously pulled on the door handle, too.

Police arrived and took the first trespasser into custody.

Dedication to Proactive Security Helps Deter Unwanted Activities

It’s one thing to deploy a video surveillance camera and record activities. Should a questionable activity happen, it won’t be noticed until after the fact when sifting through hours upon hours of recorded data. There’s even a chance it won’t be noticed at all. With live video monitoring attached to the camera, however, often police are called and arrive
perpetrators can do any damage.

Stealth Monitoring’s proactive approach to multifamily residential security starts with how we approach monitoring and surveillance. Our customized video surveillance solutions work in real time to catch activity as it happens. Our highly trained monitoring operators watch for, evaluate, and then respond to actual events – not just motion – that could cause damage, destruction or other unwanted outcomes. Some events can be deterred before or during by our operators activating on-site speaker warnings. Other events need police involvement, so our operators contact local police to report the activity. They usually continue to watch the activity and report live, up-to-date details such as the last known location of the suspect.

Multifamily communities that tend to thrive, maintain a safe and secure environment for residents. It is a non-negotiable priority. Residents who feel safe are more likely to pay a premium rental fee and be more likely to re-sign their leases time and time again. Stealth’s customizable monitoring and surveillance solution helps you achieve the highest possible level of security for your community which encourages maximum rental rates and minimizes the possibility of vacancies.

Contact our multifamily specialists today to learn how Stealth’s security solution can proactively and cost-effectively help your community stay safe, retain residents, and maximize rental rates – typically saving 25-60% compared to traditional security solutions.