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Value of Construction Equipment Theft in St. Albert exceeded $60,000

Posted by Steve Mansell on Mar 6, 2018

Two Incidents of Equipment Theft Led to Big Financial Loss

Construction equipment theft is a common problem in Canada and the United States for many reasons. First are the costs associated with missing equipment. In addition to the monetary value of the stolen goods, there may be project delays due to damage and time spent waiting on replacement materials.

Secondly, one theft at a construction site may lead to more. If one thief can successfully steal equipment, he may strike again or even influence other criminals to do the same.

In a previous article, we discussed the most common equipment stolen from construction sites. The list included mowers, tractors, loaders, and excavators.

Equipment Theft Suspects Still at Large

St. Albert construction site theft valued over $60,000
Kiera Lyons, CTV Edmonton
Published Wednesday, January 17, 2018 6:17PM MST

The St. Albert Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are currently investigating a construction equipment theft. The value of the stolen goods was more than $60,000 CAD. RCMP believes the theft took place between the late night and early hours. Thieves stole a large utility trailer loaded with two custom dollies used to transport large structures like houses. Other items stolen during the equipment theft included 12 lengths of angle iron and 500 feet of welding cable and copper.

The suspects have not been caught.

Equipment theft is also prevalent in the United States.

North Carolina Man Charged with Construction Material Theft

Authorities charged a construction worker with construction material and equipment theft from a bridge project site in North Carolina after hours. According to a detective, the suspect used company vehicles to transport the stolen goods, including 1,100 feet of aluminum bridge rail, 55 feet of metal piping, as well as other metal fittings. The suspect sold the metal to a scrap dealer in a different county, along with selling stolen tools someplace else.

The suspect was charged with two counts of felony larceny and possession of stolen property, and 13 counts of unauthorized use of a company vehicle. The value of the stolen construction materials and tools was estimated to exceed $100,000 USD.

Neither of these properties are UCIT clients.

Deter Equipment Theft with Live Remote Video Monitoring

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Photo credit: CTV News Edmonton