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Catch of the Month

Man Loading Luxury Vehicle Trunk with Stolen Construction Materials Busted

In this Arrest of the Month video, a bold thief decides to load the trunk of his luxury sedan with pilfered goods from unfinished units in a lovely Ontario community.

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Unusual Attempt at Shopping Center Break-in Thwarted by Live Video Monitoring

In this Arrest of the Month video, a suspect attempting to break into a property in a rather unconventional way was taken into custody.

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Intruder in Restricted Dealership Area After Hours Arrested

In this Arrest of the Month video, an intruder manages to breach typical security measures and access a restricted area after hours, where he’s later taken into police custody.

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Package Thief Caught “Shopping” in Mail Room

In this arrest of the month, a suspect accessed an apartment community’s mailroom attempting to steal packages and more.

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Suspicious Activity at Office Complex

Around 4:45 in morning, a Stealth security professional observed an individual propping open the door of an office complex.

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