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Lumber Construction Theft Leads to Arrest

Posted by Steve Mansell on Jan 25, 2018

Catch of the Month Newsletter: Lumber Thieves Arrested at Construction Site

Good planning is essential to construction site security and preventing construction theft of and damage to valuable materials. How secure is your site?

Watch the Video: Criminal Arrested: Lumber Thieves Arrested at Construction Site – Construction Theft

At 5:07 p.m., a monitoring operator sees a suspect in a blue jacket outside of a construction site security fence. The monitoring operator follows his movements with the outdoor HD surveillance cameras. The suspect walks further down the sidewalk and waits, with his hands in his pockets.

An accomplice arrives at the construction site. Moments later, he lifts a large piece of lumber over the fence. The operator watches the theft and calls local police.

Construction sites face many challenges including construction theft, vandalism, property damage and liability concerns. Open sites with only a fence that can be easily climbed on or broken make valuable materials and equipment vulnerable to thieves.

One of the suspects steps on top of a concrete barricade and walks across. Responding police officers arrive and arrest the suspects.

Construction site security is a growing problem. The financial loss of the stolen goods and equipment is not the only costly impact. Replacement materials, extended contracts to finish the job, and increasing insurance premiums can be detrimental to a project.

Protecting your construction site from theft and damage can be challenging. Traditional security solutions can be ineffective and expensive. UCIT’s live video monitoring can help deter criminal activity at the fraction of the cost of an on-site security guard. Trained operators watch your property remotely. They can activate on-site speaker warnings to deter criminal activity like trespassing and theft. If the situation escalates, they can call the local police.

What is the Impact of Construction Theft?

Construction site theft can lead to monetary losses by increasing operational expenses. For example, if thieves steal equipment or parts, not only would the construction company need to replace them, the loss could prolong the length of the project. Did you know that theft can also negatively impact the surrounding area of a construction site? How can live monitoring help?

Around 11:00 p.m., emergency workers called the city project manager in charge of water and sewer construction. Someone attempted to steal the copper wire from a curb stop at a construction site in Ontario. The stolen valve exposed water pipes at a street intersection. After the valve was removed, water flowed freely and sprayed into the street. Emergency workers turned off the water some time later.

Do You Want to Reduce Construction Theft from Site?

Construction site materials theft can cause a variety of difficulties for contractors, site owners and managers. Stolen materials can increase the overall project cost and completion time. Some of the most commonly stolen items include construction equipment, tools, batteries, copper wire, and even the construction trailers.

In a Michigan materials theft incident, construction site thieves stole a trailer storing several construction tools. Local authorities estimated the materials theft occurred between 11:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Thieves also reportedly stole batteries from a bulldozer and excavator, as well as other building materials.