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Combination of Thermal and Fixed Cameras Catch Construction Trespasser

Posted by Neil Goulding on Dec 1, 2020

There aren’t many companies that can deploy both fixed and thermal cameras…but we can and with great success.

In this video, a suspect was first detected with a thermal camera entering a construction site in the middle of the night. Seconds later, the fixed cameras picked him up as he jumped over a fence and into another area of the site. A trained Stealth security operator had been watching and contacted police.

As the suspect wandered through the site, the monitoring operator was able to keep tabs on him using a combination of both types of cameras. Officers did arrive and make an arrest, although it was not caught on camera.

The Benefits of Combining Thermal and Fixed Cameras

Using thermal cameras in video surveillance is not uncommon. Their ability to measure the heat radiating off an object enables them to detect what traditional cameras and the human eye cannot and often from distances of hundreds and even thousands of feet away.

However, few security companies have the capacity to use them in combination with fixed cameras. When you combine the two, you’ll receive a complete solution that helps deter crime and minimize damage earlier in the process than by just using a traditional security solution.

Using both thermal and fixed cameras has many benefits including:

1. Quicker Reaction Times

Obviously, the faster a threat is detected the sooner it can be dealt with. Because thermal cameras can distinguish even the smallest movement, they can shave seconds off the time it takes a security operator to alert authorities. This can be especially beneficial should something catch on fire at a project site. According to research conducted by the National Fire Protection Association, between 2013 and 2017 there were an estimated 3,840 fires in structures under construction and more than 2,500 fires in structures under renovation. The ability to notify fire rescue teams as early as possible can help to resolve an incident that has the potential to ruin an entire project. Every second is critical.

2. Increased Reliability

Visible cameras that rely on video analytics cannot always see beyond a few feet, especially in bad weather. The most effective way to protect the property is to use combined security technologies. Integrating video analytics, thermal imaging, virtual guard tours and traditional cameras can increase the effectiveness of the monitoring and alarm verification. This complete solution increases detection accuracy and image views. It can reduce the need for security guards and other security equipment.

3. Money Savings

You already know fire can be a common problem at a construction site. One spark from a sander could cause devastating damage in a matter of minutes. Using a remote video surveillance solution that combines thermal and fixed cameras can save up to 60 percent on those security expenses and tens of thousands off your insurance premiums.

Here’s a real-life example:

A Stealth client was informed by their municipal Fire Rescue team that in order to protect the timber frame houses residing adjacent to their newly proposed development, they would need to install a water curtain, as well as have a guard on duty 24/7. The goal was to be able to immediately stop or mitigate the spread of a fire from the new timber frame development to the neighboring houses. The cost broke down like this:

  • Water Curtain – approx. $30,000
  • Monthly rate of guard – $18 x 24hrs x 30 days = approx. $13,000

The client was searching for an alternative solution. Stealth proposed adding thermal and fixed cameras then aiming them directly towards the side of the neighboring property. In addition, we submitted a proposal to the Fire Rescue team comparing our reaction time to that of a guard.

Because a guard can only be in one place at a time and is limited to only being able to see what is directly in front of him/her, the average reaction time is largely dependent on the accountability and location of the guard on the site.

Since Stealth’s trained monitoring operators are watching the site in real time from multiple cameras, the reaction time for a prioritized alarm like fire is around 6 seconds. That can be a game changer for an insurance company when it comes to salvaging and mitigating damage.

A Complete Solution

Protecting a construction site can be difficult. This can be especially true if it’s a large site with expansive perimeters and minimal lighting.

The combination of both thermal and traditional fixed cameras gives you the best of both worlds. It creates an effective long-range surveillance system that helps increase detection and identification of intruders other unwanted activity. It also provides peace of mind in knowing you and your assets are better protected from the threat of fire.

If you want more information about thermal cameras, download a free copy of Thermal Cameras: See What Others Cannot. If you are looking for a proactive security solution for your next project, contact us.