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Fight Breaks Out in Apartment Parking Lot; Ends in Arrest

Posted by Matthew Clark on Jan 14, 2022

Parking areas can cause a long list of unwanted issues for property owners and community managers. One possibility is physical altercations. This month’s video shows how quickly a group of individuals can spin out of control. Yet, with Stealth’s proactive security solution in place, this fight was quickly deterred and involved individuals were arrested by local police.

Around 8:30 p.m., a well-trained Stealth security operator saw many individuals walking around and engaging with each other in a multifamily residential parking lot. This activity looked suspicious to our operator who phoned police.

One group of individuals ran at another group and a physical altercation ensued. A police cruiser arrived on scene. Most of the individuals dispersed, but a few were detained and questioned by officers. The officer then drove the cruiser around the parking lot.

Moments later, three additional police cruisers arrived. Officers handcuffed the individuals who had been fighting, while others watched.

A fifth cruiser arrived as the handcuffed individuals were placed into police cruisers and taken off property.

Stealth’s Streamlined Security Solution Helps Ensure Community Safety

Apartment owners and managers hope that residents can find dispute resolution by talking and working out an agreement between all involved parties, participating in mediation or even enforcement of items in the lease agreement. Sometimes however, this is not possible. Situations can escalate into physical violence or other unwanted threats. This can cause residents to feel unsafe or give the impression that your whole community is not safe and risk attracting new residents to your property.

Stealth’s remote video monitoring security solution can help proactively deter physical altercations within your community in real time. Our solution combines advanced video analytics and human intelligence to detect and see when unwanted situations occur. Professionally trained Stealth security operators quickly and effectively act by following protocols to help deter these situations.

Our operators can activate on-site warnings with the goal being those involved will stop their behaviors and flee. Police can also be contacted. Calls from Stealth to police register as “crimes in progress” which often leads to quicker response times.

As shown in this month’s video, due to Stealth’s quick intervention, safety and order were restored to an apartment community when police arrived on site to help stop a physical altercation before harm and damage could result.

Contact our multifamily specialists today to discuss how Stealth can help deter unwanted situations and events in your community’s parking areas and save you up to 60% of the cost of traditional security solutions.