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Intoxicated Individual Acting Strangely at Multifamily Community Entryway

Posted by Tammy Miller on Oct 19, 2021

Public intoxication on a multifamily community’s property not only causes annoyances for other residents and employees but can lead to dangerous situations. Intoxicated individuals have altered their brain with some type of substance. This can cause abnormal thinking and behaviors that the individual deems perfectly logical and normal. Unintoxicated people, however, usually realize something is wrong. When a situation like this occurs on a multifamily resident community’s property, live video monitoring can provide the safest way to help quickly interrupt and deter strange behaviors.

A little after 3 a.m., an alert Stealth Monitoring security operator saw a man at the entryway of a multifamily residential community acting strangely. Our operator contacted police and continued to watch. The individual’s body movements were abnormal and at one point, he removed his shirt.

Our operator switched to a different camera that enabled our operator to see a police cruiser arrive and park near the multifamily community. Officers exited the cruiser and walked toward the community.

Our operator switched back to check on the man and saw police arrive at the community’s door. The man slowly walked away from the door, but quickly returned to open the door for police. Four officers entered as the man stepped away from officers.

Officers handcuffed and arrested the man.

Strange Behavior on Multifamily Communities’ Property Interrupted and Averted

Owners and managers of multifamily residential communities realize the importance of establishing and maintaining safe, secure environments for residents, future residents and employees. One way to accomplish this lofty goal is to deploy video surveillance cameras in key areas throughout the property to record activities. This is great for retaining data records of past occurrences.

Taking this a step further, using Stealth’s live video monitoring can help catch events in real time. We use a combination of video analytics and human intelligence to help deter unwanted events and potential crimes in progress.

Stealth’s security monitoring operators are trained on spotting abnormal, suspicious behaviors taking place on the screen. They know if an individual is acting peculiarly, then that person is probably not thinking rationally, prompting immediate action. Our operators are equipped with on-screen protocols, pre-determined by the multifamily community on how they would like to have situations handled.

In the video above, our operator was able to catch the situation in progress, notify local police and help deter the situation before it had a chance to escalate. Had this multifamily community only had video surveillance cameras deployed – not live video monitoring – it is very possible that this intoxicated man could have not been interrupted, leaving him to escalate into further unwanted or criminal behaviors such as breaking and entering, vandalism or theft.

To determine how live video monitoring can help interrupt and deter events of strange, abnormal behaviors taking place within your multifamily residential community in real time, contact one of our specialists today!