Retail Security: Storefront Snackers Sent to Jail

Posted by Rick Charney on August 20, 2019

Crime in retail spaces is nothing new. For the property owner and manager, it is a big priority.

Around 2:45 one morning, a Stealth Monitoring trained security operator observed two individuals arrive at a Colorado Springs shopping center on bicycles. One of the pair grabbed a locked storefront door.

The pair was then seen pushing a baby stroller loaded with a box, backpack and other goods down the sidewalk. They came back to the storefront seemingly to have a snack.

Our operating monitor sounded the on-site speaker several times, but the suspects ignored the warning. We then contacted the police with a description and location of the individuals. Officers arrived and made contact, then arrested one of the suspects.

Live Video Monitoring Can Help Deter Trespassers

Whether it’s burglary, vandalism, a smash-and-grab, or employee theft, the results of retail crime can be devastating. Stealth’s proactive shopping center monitoring solutions provide the ability to actively watch site activities in real time and use voice-down communication to inform trespassers that they have been spotted and authorities are on the way, acting as a powerful deterrent.

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