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Trespasser Caught Attempting to Operate Dangerous Construction Site Equipment

Posted by Sudesh Jangalee on Oct 7, 2021

Construction sites are considered private property, yet these sites are notorious for trespassers, loiterers, vandals and other criminals who can gain unauthorized access. This can present myriad security-related issues and consequences.

An extremely prepared Stealth Monitoring security operator caught a glimpse of an individual who walked into camera view at the end of an active construction. Our operator watched as the individual proceeded toward a building under construction. The individual briefly remained out of camera view, but our motivated operator kept watch. The individual returned into camera view, mounted a cherry picker and began to operate the machine. Our operator immediately called police.

Two police cruisers arrived on scene and officers spoke with the suspect. After questioning, the suspect was released. Officers exited the site.

Later, however, the suspect returned, officers were called, and they intercepted the suspect on site. Stealth Monitoring was informed by police that the suspect had been arrested.

Teamwork Between Stealth Monitoring and Police Helps Prevent Potential Damage

Some trespassers target construction sites. Others may pass by and see something on the site piques their interest enough to set foot onto the property. It’s unclear if the trespasser in the above video had planned out his breach or was simply walking by and the novelty of sheer entertainment of operating a piece of commercial equipment grabbed his attention.

The fact remains that property damage, potential theft and liability at the fault of the construction site owner were real and common possible outcomes. This trespasser could have broken or damaged the cherry picker, stolen smaller, valuable items for resell, or even injured himself.

Stealth Monitoring security operators are highly educated and knowledgeable about construction site events, incidents and activities that can lead to unwanted outcomes. Our operators watch surveillance cameras that are equipped with advanced analytics. When the technology picks up suspicious activity, it will alert trained security operators who can interpret the action and then make an immediate decision on how to appropriately act. One option that is used quite frequently is contacting local police.

Our operators are extremely competent in communicating with police, using vocabulary authorities understand to help quickly deter undesired situations. Operators can tell officers what is happening in real-time as they are in-route to the scene, as well as the last known location of the suspect or event. They can give valuable details as to what the suspect is wearing or if an object is in hand that could be used as a weapon.

This helps keep officers safe upon arrival and helps them intercept suspects and diffuse situations quickly. In the above video, our established relationship with local police is so positive and valuable that the police contacted us to verify that the trespasser had been arrested.

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