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Catalytic Converter Thieves Arrested at Dealership

Just after 4 o’clock in the morning, a Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted two people on the lot of a Texas car dealership.

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Here’s How to Help Prevent Dealership Vandalism

In Oakland, California, a Mercedes-Benz dealership was vandalized as trespassers wrecked and spray-painted vehicles. They set at least one vehicle on fire. A Twitter video…

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Party at a Car Dealership

Our Stealth Monitoring security operator witnessed five individuals on the lot of a Texas car dealership after hours. The group made their way to the on-site carwash.

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Late-Night Auto Dealership Trespasser

A Stealth security operator spotted an individual at a Colorado car dealership walking in between multiple cars, pulling on their door handles. One car was unlocked, so he entered it.

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Parking Garage Perils

An individual wearing a black hoodie and pulling a tarp-covered wagon walked into a parking garage of a Sacramento apartment building just after midnight. A second person entered right behind him. A Stealth security operator saw them looking into multiple vehicles and trying to gain access.

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