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Early Morning Break-in into Florida Shopping Plaza Caught on Camera

At roughly a quarter to 2:00 in the morning, Stealth monitoring operators observing a South Florida shopping plaza noticed three...


Cameras Catch Domestic Altercation Afterhours in Dealership Service Area

Just before 1:00 am, during monitoring hours, Stealth security professionals observing a Maryland automotive dealership observed a white...


Erratic Behavior at Pennsylvania Multifamily Community Leads to Arrest, EMS Intervention

At approximately 11:15 pm, Stealth security professionals monitoring a Pennsylvania multifamily community were alerted to an individual...


Smash and Grab at Texas Shopping Plaza Interrupted Thanks to Live Video Monitoring

In the early morning hours, just before 1:00 am, Stealth security professionals monitoring a Texas shopping center spotted an individual...


Protect Your Multifamily Properties with Proactive Real-Time Surveillance and Monitoring

The impacts of unchecked break-ins, thefts, and violence on public perception of multifamily communities and neighborhoods can be...


Help Manage Multifamily Liability Risks with Live Video Monitoring

On a rainy early morning, just before 1:00 am, monitoring operators observing a Southeast Texas multifamily community observed two...


Title: Live Video Monitoring Can Revolutionize Security at Multifamily Properties- Here's How

Here are several examples of how live video monitoring can help multifamily communities solve their security...


Auto Dealership Site of Arrest After Prowler is Revealed to Have Multiple Open Warrants

At approximately 12:45 am, Stealth security monitoring operators observing a Virgina auto dealership client spotted a dark sedan entering...


Three Arrested After Cameras Catch Attempted Vehicle Theft at Maryland Dealership

Just after midnight, Stealth security professionals were alerted to suspicious activity onsite at an automotive dealership property in...


Suspects Use Heavy Equipment to Break into Storage Container at Texas Shopping Center

At approximately 12:45 am, Stealth security professionals monitoring a Texas shopping center observed two individuals forcibly accessing a...


Remote Surveillance Catches Man Sleeping on Materials at Washington Construction Site

Stealth Monitoring security operators observing a Washington construction site spotted an individual trespassing before laying down on a...


Several Suspects Busted After Hopping Fence to Attempt Vehicle Burglaries

At nearly 2:45 am, Stealth security professionals observed multiple individuals jumping the perimeter fence of a gated apartment community...

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