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Car Prowler Arrested at California Apartment Building

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Feb 11, 2022

The longer an unauthorized person prowls, lingers, wanders and loiters on and throughout a multifamily residential community, it seems the more ideas for some sort of mischief, destruction, theft or other types of unwanted incidents and crimes come to mind.

In this video, the trespasser is observed opening the front glass door and entering the community. He first goes into the community’s laundry room where he looks around and finds nothing. Next, he moves onto the community’s parking garage. Our operator contacted local police dispatch to request officers at the community and continued watching the trespasser.

While in the parking garage, the individual prowled around and attempted to gain access to a couple of parked vehicles. Unsuccessful at first, the trespasser entered a small shed and returned with an object. He tried to force open a car’s window with it and tampered with the vehicle’s passenger tire.

Two officers arrived and entered the same glass door as the trespasser. They investigated the parking garage but initially found no one. Once the individual was located, and our operator was able to verify the identity of the handcuffed suspect on camera.

One Loiterer Down, More to Go Down with Live Video Monitoring

One who loiters, prowls or wanders around on private property at anytime without permission from the owner or manager can be considered to be acting disorderly. This type of behavior is one of the last things apartment owners and managers want to deal with, let alone have their community be known as a place of loitering. Their reputation could suffer.

Residents may begin to feel unsafe, reflected by a growing number of vacancies. Additionally, rental rates may have to be lowered just to fill apartments, which reflects negatively on that community’s net operating income (NRI). Theft, property damage, vandalism, break-ins and other unwanted and criminal behaviors could also result from lingering loiterers.

Apartment communities across North America trust Stealth and our live video monitoring security solution to help deter loiterers. Our proactive approach to multifamily security allows unwanted behaviors, events and incidents to be identified in a timely manner, accurately dealt with and effectively deterred.

As seen in this video, our operator saw the moment the unauthorized trespasser entered the apartment building. With our cameras – pre-programmed with advanced video analytics and placed throughout the community – our operator was able to watch the individual’s movements and behaviors in real time throughout the community. Seamless moving from one camera feed to the next, our operator watched the event play out moment by moment until officers arrived and apprehended the individual.

To help put a stop to damage, theft, break-ins and more at your multifamily community due to trespassers and loiterers, contact our multifamily specialists to discuss how our solution uses advanced video analytics and human intelligence to produce proactive security – all at a price up to 60% less than traditional security solutions.