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Service Lane Kit Helps Dealerships Save Thousands in False Claims

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 14, 2022

With a proactive service lane security system, dealerships have visual proof to disprove false claims directly with customers without hurting CSI scores. False damage and personal injury claims could cost dealerships thousands of dollars in repairs or medical bills that they are not responsible for.

Without clear visual proof, repairs are typically completed by the dealership without charging the customer. Not to mention, insurance premiums for that dealership may skyrocket on top of paying a false personal injury claim, such as a slip and fall.

The following two scenarios took place at auto dealerships that are remotely monitored by Stealth. Because of our Service Lane Kit, we were able to prove for one dealership they were not responsible for vehicle damage, as their customer claimed after a service visit.

Our Service Lane Kit solution protected another dealership from paying a personal injury claim from a slip and fall incident that was the fault of the customer.

Service Lane Kit Saves $1,500 in False Claims

A customer arrived at a dealership to speak with their service manager. They claimed the technicians had dented, scratched and otherwise damaged the rear bumper of their vehicle. The service manager reached out to Stealth for help.

Our video analysts accessed the Service Lane Kit cameras to identify damage that the customer claimed was caused by the dealership’s technicians. After our video review process, it was clear the damage was present on the rear driver’s-side quarter panel when the vehicle arrived at the dealership and drove in to the service drive.

The dealership was able to show the customer the damage was present on their vehicle prior to arriving and the dealership’s service technicians did not cause the damage. This saved the dealership over $1,000 in false claim payouts.

Service Lane Kit Slip and Fall Retrieval

A Stealth-monitored dealership had a customer slip and fall in their service bay and reached out to us requesting video evidence.

Our video retrieval and analyst team looked through recorded footage and was able to provide relevant data of the incident between 10:10 a.m. and 10:11 a.m. Our team extracted video clips and sent to the dealership, along with a professionally written report summary of the recorded activity protecting them from being held accountable for the slip and fall

Stealth’s Proactive Service Lane Kit (SLK) Perfectly Created for Dealerships

J&L Marketing, a direct marketing solution provider for car dealers, found that customers who bring their vehicles in for service are 86 times more likely to purchase their next vehicle from that dealership. Customers rely on trustworthy auto professionals to help them decide on the perfect vehicle for their family, lifestyle and budget, but also, on how to properly maintain their auto investment. This means, the more times a customer drives through your service lanes and receives excellent care, you stand a greater chance of retaining them as a sales and service customer.

Here are three ways to help ensure repeat customers through the service lane experience:

  • Keep customer vehicles and service lanes clean. Utilize products like steering wheel and seat covers along with disposable floor mats to ensure the customer’s vehicle is clean when they pick it up. Offer a trash can for customers to throw away old drink containers, food wrappers, etc. while your techs work on their vehicle.
  • Train your service advisors on effective customer service practices, selling skills, and how to use their available tools to communicate with customers.
  • Deploy Stealth’s Service Lane Kit to help customers feel safe and protect your dealership against false claims, avoiding unnecessary expenses and improving customer retention. False claims force techs to spend their time and talent repairing damage at a loss to the dealership.

Our SLK is curated specifically for service lanes at dealerships throughout North America, where false claims plague auto dealerships monthly. Using a high-definition, IP camera that comes pre-programmed with our advanced analytics and is strategically placed within your service lane area, this system documents the entire exterior of any vehicle entering and exiting your service lane.

The system date and time stamps each recording, which can then be used to prove if a customer’s vehicle had external damage prior to their arrival to your service lane. This prevents unnecessarily paying false claims, showing customers that you are dedicated to safety and creates an overall presence of elite customer service.

Contact our auto security specialists today to learn more about our all-inclusive, comprehensive approach to service lane security and our state-of-the-art products and services that get the job done and how.