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How to Solve the Top Self-Storage Security Challenges

Get Your Free Copy of “The Top 5 Challenges for Self-Storage Businesses and How to Solve Them” Today! Owning a self-storage business can be a…

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Early Morning Parking Lot Disturbance Ends in Arrest

Shortly before two o’clock in the morning, a trained Stealth Monitoring operator spotted an individual walking toward a white sedan parked in the lot.

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Nefarious Activity in Office Building Parking Lots

In these videos of office building parking areas, Stealth’s proactive solution not only caught unwanted behaviors through video surveillance cameras in real time, but our trained operators acted as catalysts to deter and deflect such behaviors.

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Apartment Security: Arrest of Trio Trying to Steal a Scooter

A bit past midnight, two individuals entered the view of a surveillance camera from a multifamily residential community in Boston that was being monitored by a trained Stealth security operator.

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Office Trespasser Tampering with Electrical Box

In the early morning hour of almost 6 o’clock, the observant eye of a trained Stealth Monitoring operator identified a suspicious individual trespassing onto the property of an office building in Dallas, Texas.

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